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    Green Card in Processing...Court case in India...Please Help!

    That shudnt pose a problem here. During this time, see to it that you dont go to India .Indian Legal sysytem is different from Immigration to US.Good Luck.
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    POE risk for green card holders

    Which POE is best for GC? didig, Personal experience. Never enter thru Atlanta. Its one of the worse POE's for customs and immigration. Not to mention the misinformed agents.Last time, I entered thru ATL and the officer started with big bag of questions like where do I work. where do I...
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    Card production ordered

    Card Production Ordered LUD ( 2 times per week) I was wondering whether anyone got 2 Card Production Ordered LUD in a matter of few days and in b/n an Approval notice in mail also. The surprise is the case was in local office and candidate interviewed for FP capture failure.Any inputs.
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    How to find a good lawyer

    AC21 ,EAD,AP everything can be done by ourselves. I have done it and have been successful in getting EAD,AP and AC21 approved.
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    I-485 transfer from TSC to NBC??

    Thanks . I do have that. One more thing does this interview mean my I-140 is approved. I also changed the company and I am about to file for AC-21.The attorney who will accompany me to the interview will not be the same attorney who filed for my 140/485/EAD/AP.He wudnt be having the 140 approval...
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    RECORDING available for download for March 26 Conference Call

    I had a question regarding my GC application. I used to work for a consulting company who also filed for my GC. My application was filed as EB2. I am from ROW category.It was filed in 2004. My W2 income was less than mentioned on my LCA of GC for last 2 yrs..Last yr the company got audited.I...
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    I-485 transfer from TSC to NBC??

    I have got a letter telling my case has moved from TSC to NBC after preliminary processing and I will be called for an interview. I have lots of doubts regarding this. first being is this interview for an arrest (DV case -misdemeanor) which was dismissed 3 yrs back. I also mentioned yes in the...
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    Any I-140 approvals with EAC receipts?

    Ombudsman help Can I approach Ombudsman office to get help regarding my 140 status. My ND and RD is Oct 2007 and Aug 2007 respectively.It is in TSC. The processing dates are now in March 2008 . Can I ask them for the status of my case.Any inputs.
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    Anybody here approved on I140 date 16aug07 ?

    Congrats. How did you find your receipt no? My receipt date is Aug 10 2007. I have no idea whether it is approved or is in process.Any inputs.
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    Surname and given name swapped in H1 VISA Stamp; can I travel?

    Roxianne, My visa stamp had the same issue. when you fill the boarding pass fill it with right info as in your passport. This is a usual thing and you dont need to worry and travel as scheduled.Good Luck.
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    Any I-140 approvals with EAC receipts?

    Additional info Thanks Dane. I could not find any 140 records. Am I missing something.Its driving me nuts with not knowing whats happening with my case.
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    I140 and I485 concurrent file and I140 approved, I485 Pending Thread

    No idea on movement My details are 140/485/EAD/AP RD Aug 10 2007 (ROW) ND Oct 4 2007 FP Nov 2007 EAD/AP AD Oct 31 2007 EAD/AP 2 AD July 2008 140 AD ???? 485 AD??? Can I take an infopass appointment and find out whether my 140 is approved ?Any inputs.
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    EB2 ROW in TSC approvals?

    Poj? I called USCIS to be precise TSC where my application is. All I get is an automated message and no customer service associate.How do I call IO using POJ method. Any phone numbers to call for this. Thanks for your help.
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    EB2 ROW in TSC approvals?

    Application is complete. I sent my application completely including medicals.I have seen many posts here around our dates with 140 approvals . So i was confused about mine. My employer wont give the 140 receipt no and I have no idea how to find it by myself.Any inputs.
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    I140 and I485 concurrent file and I140 approved, I485 Pending Thread

    Me too PD May 2004 EB2 ROW AD Sep 2006 140/485 filed Aug 2007 140 AD ? 485? What date was your application received in TSC. I do not have my 140 receipt no hence dont know whether its approved or still pending.So just wanted to guess using everybody else's received date regarding...