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    Regarding Divorce

    Are you reading? and second your "cousin" should know by himself how to do all this at the end is his life if he wants to continue working and living here in the legal way. He needs to be collecting all previous bills, mortgage papers, etc that they have in both names, credit card and bank...
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    I-751 and Drivers License

    It depends on the State....some accept the extension letter others want to see something else. I would suggest to call and see what they accept: the extension letter + expired GC or a stamp I-551 in your passport. Many states are becoming way more picky on driver's license lately even if you are...
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    I-751 waiver (divorce) thread

    I have to say that even I consider USCIS a very inneficient agency, most of the processes- if your case is straight forward- are in a DIY mode. No need of a lawyer and saving costs comparing with other countries that you MUST use a lawyer for burocracy processes. Nobody knows better your case...
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    approval(I751)in 6 months as VSC?

    Yes I read that as common sense states that the people who were sorting the files just put that one on top of others...or just a lucky strike. Unless we keep seeing five or more cases on a six months periods...I wouldn't jump of happiness.
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    Green Card Holder Marrying an Expired Tourist Visa Holder

    Congrats Lucy Mo! out of the USCIS mess. Praetorian, we are in the same DO...but I-751 are done on the Service Center...has nothing to do with the DO anymore unless you go for an interview, which is not that common, but they are. For ATL folks we are on the slowest Service Center....(drumm...
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    Application Denied

    It is kind of confusing to know if you want your case solve or not.Therefore there are things, regardless of the money spent, to do if you want that she continue be living here legally and be able to work, etc. She can right now continue working...but she should not go out of the US until all...
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    She does not beleive me

    The lawyer won't know either. To based things on just that...allegations. If he has make a complaint? we don't know, actually that was not even part of the originally message. Somebody just give that of an "IF" case, which is not necessarily this case at all and we are...
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    I-751 Timeline List

    Hey Cherr...I forgot to add that I got approved (as married) on Dec22, hahaha my "other" I-751 still says pending...I have been in and out with my valid GC as married without problems.
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    I-751 Timeline List

    That is not true in all the cases. Now, the consequences of waiting so long is simple that they can screw you over and you think that everything is fine (since you are thinking you are not going to get any RFE, etc, etc) so let's say you move (because you should continue with your life) and...
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    please help

    As long as I know...for AOS you don't need sworn actually don't need to send anything about your comingled life in any form.
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    Can form I-90 make I-751 application be processed faster?

    No. Don't confuse the applications. I-90 has nothing to do with I-751. From the instructions on the I-90 form: "Special Instructions: Do not use this Form I-90 if you are a conditional resident and your status is expiring. If you became a conditional resident: • through a marriage to a...
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    lOST original I-751 during travel - please help - urgent

    If it has been lost during the trip, you for sure need to go to a US will be very fortunate if an airline will get the risk to board you, which I doubt, if you can't demostrate that you are a US resident e.g. with an expired gc with extension letter or a visa stamp. A passport...
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    I-751 Timeline List

    Im sooo happy for you Jane, I was talking with Rare Gold about it. Apparently now they change "their minds" and I have to follow my second application from July 2008. So I am just going to chill out and continue traveling with my new stamp that is valid until Dec09! I need to call Rare.
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    I-751 Timeline List

    Waow Sarrebal, I am amaze that in ATL they did not ask you for a stamp and that officer was cool with the extension letter. I traveled every month and sometimes more than twice per month and they everytime check is the stamp not the extension letter, not getting any drama on it but it's annoying...