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    I-140 Approved CSC to TSC

    I-140 Filed Jan31, 2006 . Transferred to TSC March . Approved 4/27/2006.
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    CSC I-140 Shifted to Texas Service . PERM.

    My PERM LC was approved 1st week of January . Filed I-140 Jan31, 2006 . I just received notification that case has been shifted to Texas Service Center . Any idea why ? Should I now be looking at the Texas Service Center processing times based on the CSC filing dt i.e. jan 31,2006 or...
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    PERM Tracker - Chicago

    Certified!!! Didn't know it would be this quick . Just posted this morning about no results . Certified status received today . In Process since July 28, 2005 .
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    PERM Tracker - Chicago

    Can you please let me know when you applied and when you received the In Process status .
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    PERM Tracker - Chicago

    In Process Since July 28, 2005 BE and 5+yrs exp. EB2 .
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    PERM Tracker - Chicago

    Chicago actions random . Later application approved. Changed from Final Review to In Process on 7/28 . Sitting there since then . What does "Final Review" mean ? . Does it mean that the application has been reviewed and a decision made at the end of review OR Just the Paperwork has been...