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    Green Card and Bankruptcy

    I got the green card eight months ago, but I lost the job two months ago. My financial situation is getting worse and I'm trying to get job. If I file bankrupcy, what happen? Is there any disadvantage in status in USA. This is urgency to me. Can you answer for it if anyone has some information...
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    How can i track the Plastic card??

    Click, and then click the status and processing times on the left side. You can see portfolio at the page after clicking the the status and processing times. Follow the instruction. If you sign in, you can check the your LUDs and online message on your cases that you enter.
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    LUD changed to Dec 24, 2004 today

    There was mass update on 12/24/04, so I think that your case was on adjudication last month but was forgotten due to a lazy officer or error. After you turned in application for AP and EAD, an officer realized your case would have been adjudicated, so an officer is pulling out your case for...
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    medical RFE - do I need Civil Surgeon again?

    Any medical test or action related to immigration should be performed by a qualified civil doctor. TB test must be taken by a qualified civial doctor, even CSC does not mention about it. Anyway, I think your wife needs to see a civil doctor to take TB test to complete her medical exam.
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    LUD changed to Dec 24, 2004 today

    All guys, post your story in detail, such as RD, FP, RFE and so on. No one make a help or sometning without the process of your case, becasue you guys are telling just a part.
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    medical RFE - do I need Civil Surgeon again?

    You had better to see a doctor for a secure process.
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    Interview ?

    You will receive the interview notice within 1-2 months from LA office, and you wil get stamp in the interview. The stamp is a temporary green card. It means you are a permant resident. No problem on travel and work!
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    Address changed since I485 approval

    Call the customer service to update you address as soon as possible. You should update you address in 15 days or 30 days by law. It is also very important to you because you have been approved as a permant resident. Let CSC knows your new address soon for the next process!!!
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    Yes, there are two ways to get the passport stamp. First, you get the passport stamp after you get approval notice. Second, you get it in the interview at local office, or after interview. The passport stamp means a temporary permant resident ID before getting the plastic card.
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    LA Area - Stamping & Plastic Card Tracker

    I got the stamp on Jan 13, 2005 at Santa Ana office. One week has passed, but the online is still saying 'approval message.' I think the process of plastic card is going slow down as the normal processing time. The process was so fast about two months ago. At that time USCIS was considering...
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    RFE response time

    I think you have to clarify three things; first, when did you send the documents for the RFE in Dec? What date! Second, did you put the bar code paper from CSC on the top of the documents, or you use the blue envelop provided by CSC? Third, which service did you use when you mailed the documents...
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    Replying RFE by Self.

    First, clarify the contents of the RFE. Second, if the contents of the RFE are simple, you could file them by youself. Don't forget that you should put the the bare code paper from CSC on the top of documents when you pack and mail it. Third, if the contents of the RFE are complicated you...
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    Stamping at Santa Ana....

    I got the passport stamp today with my wife and son at Sata Ana Office. We were first at there. It took just 30 mins for the whole family. I had only an appointment through Infopass. My address is for LA office, but there was no available appointments, so I made an appointment for Santa Ana in...
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    How long does it take to get response for an email enquiry

    I got response from CSC after I made an emal inquiry. It took 3 weeks.