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    Plastic Card Tracker

    passport stamped on March 22nd ---- still waiting for actual card Guys, I got the passport stamp at San Jose on March 22nd. I am still waiting for the actual card to arrive. The online message also didn't change in the last one month. It still shows the approval message. I don't know why it...
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    July 2004 I140/I485 approved!!!

    congratulations! 1happy1, congrats! :) enjoy ur freedom calgc2004
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    I140 & I485 approved

    Ead, Ap, Fp Hi mka2005, FP done : 10/30/2004 , results received by USCIS on Nov 4 , 2004 AP AD: 12/20/2004 EAD AD: 12/20/2004 calgc2004
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    I140 & I485 approved

    Thanks! Thanks ansivaraju! My case was filed at CSC. I don't know my priority date as it was a substitution case and i didn't get the info from my lawyer.
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    I140 & I485 approved

    Hi all, :) got emails today that my I140 and I485( myself and spouse) cases have been approved on March 16. Thanks for all your help. Good luck to all of you, waiting for approvals. calgc2004 --------------------------------------- CSC - EB2 - Sub Labor I140 ND: 03/24/2004 ...
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    CSC: SUB-LC/I-140, Any Progress??

    140 Approved!!! Hi all, Today i received mail from USCIS that my I140 was approved on March 16th. EB2 SEMICONCURRENT - substitute labor 140 RD -03/24/2004 calgc2004
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    CSC: SUB-LC/I-140, Any Progress??

    Congrats:) Congratulations Talkative:) Enjoy your much awaited freedom.
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    Sept. 2003 I-140 Approved Finally

    Congratulations Congratulations to all the approved cases. Good luck on your 485s. Cheers!
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    Concurrent filing 140/485 Tracker-CSC

    Congrats:) Congratulations Irk:)
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    RFE response query

    same here hello_me123, My case is also same like yours. My 140 ND is 03/24/04 and it is sub-labor. When my lawyer called USCIS, they mentioned that they are waiting from original labor from NVC and NVC will most probably get it from overseas. I think what H1BneedGC mentioned is correct...
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    August Concurrent filed EB2 category California

    congratulations Congrats M*A*S*H:)
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    March 25th Cases

    140 status? jhiray, Any update on your I140 status? Is it approved? Its been long time since you last posted.
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    please post your experience on calling the CSC emergency number

    yes yes, usually after 2 to 3 days you will see the LUD change.
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    I140 & 485 Approved after RFE on 140

    Congrats! vrmanda, congratulations! Enjoy ur freedom calgc2004
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    Any March 2004 people out there still?

    Congrats kabish:) Congratulations kabish:) Good luck on your I485.