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    Visitor VISA for Canada

    Hi, I need some help about getting Canadian visitor VISA for H1B stamping in Vancouver. I am planning to get it via mail from Los Angeles consulate. 1. What are the documents required I. TRV form IMM5257 and two passport size photo. II. Passport and I-94 III. Is original...
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    What is this? Breaking News

    Really good news. They should have done this long time back. Shouldn't they apply this rule retrospectively and invalidate all the green-card that were obtained using Labor substitution and recapture all the unused quota thus freed :) . Then priority-date will become current in no time.
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    People viewing thie S 1932 Status Thread...PLEASE SIGN UP HERE.

    Display name: CALCA email: Area: San Francisco Bay Area
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    7th year H1 extension after 140, no 485 and changing jobs

    Thanks for posting this. It seems not many people are aware of this rule, at least I did not knew about it. It will be of great relief for the people who are affected by the retrogression. I will request people to submit more details on this topic like :- 1. Should new job be in same category...
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    Thanks for the replies guys. It seems that you can retain your priority date and also get H1B extension if you change your job once your I-140 has been approved. Read the memo by Rajiv posted on another thread( by someone...
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    Can you switch company just after filing for Labor and still get to keep Priority Date and get extension on H1B VISA. Can somebody please clarify this rule. This seems too good to be true. If this is the case then you are not at all tied to a company, then why people are cribbing about slavery...
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    San Francisco Regional DOL Tracker

    Skipped Cases ??? Hi, I have one question. My case is as following EB3 PD : 04/11/2002 RD : 02/28/2003 DOT: 999.172-072 Case #09548xxx My case has not been approved yet whereas my colleagues in the company who applied at the same time with same DOT got their approvals in Jan end...