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    Recording Available, October 15, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hello Rajivji I have a pending I485 with USCIS (EB3 PD March 2005). The PD became current for filing dependents with the October VISA bulletin. While going through the I485 instructions, I saw that it requires an Employer letter stating the petitioned job is still available to the primary...
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    April 02 2015, Video Recording Available for Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hello Rajivji, My spouse is a Green card holder and will be applying for a Rentry permit( 2 years) and staying in India to take care of her father . During her stay in India can she work in India? Would it cause any issues? Thank you.
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    Recording available for December 19 Conference Call

    Can I-90 Form filed when outside USA Hello Rajivji, Can Form I90 for Green Card error correction be filed with USCIS when the person is outside USA? Thanks bsak
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    Recording available for November 7 Conference Call

    PERM Wage after GC Hello Rajivji, Employer A sponsored the GC - Prevailing wage as per PERM was 100k. Filed AC21 - based on offer letter from Employer B.Now the GC has been approved.Still continuing to work for Employer A until Employer B is ready to get me onboard. But the base salary paid...
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    Recording available for Oct 24 Conference Call

    Last name issue in GC Hello Rajivji, 1. My spouse has received her Green card.When she applied for her I-485,she did not have a last name filled so USCIS issued the receipt notice with First name,No given name.After getting guidance from you(I would say that was the best advise we got since...
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    Recording available for March 14 Conference Call

    I-485 Pending and Spouse & son moving to India Hi Rajeevji, I-485 is pending and my spouse & son are planning to go to India for my son's education. In this case how do they keep their I-485 alive? a) Can they change from AOS to Consular Processing? b) If they have Advance Parole would it...
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    Recording available for Nov 22 Conference Call

    Hello Rajivji, Iam on H1b,Eb3 -I-140 approved with priority date Nov 2004 and I-485 filed in 2007 and Pending. Eb2-I-140 Approved(same employer) has the old priority date and Interfiling request(Eb3-Eb2) filed in May 2012 when the priority date was current(as of now 180 days completed).I...
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    Recording available for Sept 27 Conference Call

    H1b Employer address change Iam on H1b working for a Employer(Located at Location A) at a client location B. I have a H1b & LCA which has Location B as my work location. Now my Employer Address has changed to Location C and Iam continuing to work at Client Location B. a) Should any...
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    Recording available for download for Feb 9 Conference Call

    LCA- Notice of filing issue Hi Rajiv, Currently working on H1b visa at a Client location and the client is moving to a new location. Hence Employer planning to file New LCA to reflect the New Client Location. The issue is that the New Client Location cannot be Physically accessed until the...
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    Recording available for download for Nov 3 Conference Call

    Is a New LCA and H1b Amendment required for Change in Client Location Rajivji, I-485 Filed & Pending. Primary Working on H1b, travelled and entered on AP as parolee continuing to work for the same employer at a client location. Client moving to a New Location @ 7 Miles and within the Same...
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    Rescheduled for april 28

    Using Automatic Revalidation - Travel to Canada Hi Rajiv, Iam on H1b - I-485 Pending.I have a I-797 Approval for 3 Years but I have an expired visa Stamp. In this situation if I Travel to Canada only and return within 30 days ,not apply for a visa stamping and return using Automatic Visa...
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    Recording available for download for April 7 Conference Call

    H-4 extension after travelling on AP Rajivji, My employer has applied for for my H1B Extension and spouse's H-4 extension(I-539)- I-485 Pending . a) If I travel and enter on AP before getting an approval, will it be considered an abandonment of the H1b petition or will USCIS issue a I-797...
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    Recording available for download for April 7 Conference Call

    Eb2 Work Experience certificate requirements Good Afternoon Rajivji, My employer is preparing to file for my Eb2 Perm Labour. I have around 8 years prior to joing the current employer who is filing the Eb2. The requirements for the job are Bachelors with 5 years experience/Masters...
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    RECORDING available for Sept 2 Conference Call

    Reg I-485 RFE/NOID for not having a LCA for Working at a location other than Employer City Good Afternoon Rajivji, This is a followup to an earlier question cople of months ago on the same topic. It seems there has been a few cases,where if the LCA does not reflect the client place where...
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    RECORDING available for August 5 Conference Call

    Autamatic Visa Revalidation Related Dear Rajivji, I am on a H1b visa (I-797A Approval with I-94 at the bottom of the form valid till April 2011). I DO NOT have a visa stamped for this H1b, but has an expired H1b Visa stamp in the passport from an earlier H1b Visa). I have filed my...