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  • Hi Brit, I'd like to know about a refugee who doesn't have passport who wants to participate for the DV, must I stick at stateless option?
    Hello please I keep having error message when I try to post a question. "oops we run into some problems" please enter a message with no more than 420 characters and I only have 113 in the question I want to ask please help.
    Thank you all.
    Hello Britsimon I trust you are well and thank you for this great forum and your help. Please I have a question for Consular processing. My brother and nephews were selected for the 2022 Africa with very low CN Have submitted the form 260 my question is since we speak Portuguese in my country do we need to translate the birth certificates and the high school diplomas from Portuguese to English?
    The first identity is correct in the e-mail, but the date of birth is incorrect in the system. Let me send KCC a second e-mail saying that the date of birth I entered incorrectly in the system. If they don't answer, what will I do with my mail then? I automatically wonder if the access block can be lifted after a few days...:( Please Help me.
    Thank you very much, I solved the problem thanks to you, I made a digit error on the date of birth. I can't login to the system.
    "The Case Number entered is currently unavailable. Please try again later or contact the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC)"
    Please, Help Me...:(
    hello sir my name is Ngoya, this year my wife have won dv lottery but the thing is that we played as singles but got married four months after registration. i wish to know the risk if she include me in her dv lottery i want to know this because the only prove we have are our marriage certificates and pictures
    I really need your help about my is selected for 2019 and she is uew Ghana but her integrated science d7,can she apply for visa
    Hello greetings. I am a dv 2018 selectee and I have finished with my interview, the CO told me to wait a couple of weeks he will call me and a white sheet was given to me, but it's been 5 months now no call from the CO. And my Status at Ceac site says ready but the dates keeps updating. The last update was 20days ago. Is this a good sign?
    Hi, My parents B2 visa was refused under 212(a)9B(2). And they asked to submit some documents under 221g. Is it possible to get visa after submitting the documents?
    I am confused by this situation. Please reply.
    Hi Simon, From what I can see I'm doing nothing wrong... Been entering this info for years but this is the first time I've had this problem. with the error message. Do you mind if I send you my info to check?
    Hello i got Some worries concerning the DV lottery program! My question goes thus, Some years back an agent mistakenly filed in double entries for me into the DV program of that year. So i was wandering if that might lead my subsequent disqualification from future DV lottery programs. Your thoughts will be of massive help. Thanks!
    Hi. Brit Simon i'm new to this forum .. In my application I have said that I have a high school diploma. I studied in UK and my qualification is equivalent to a high school diploma but i'm not too sure whether it will be taken as a high school diploma by the kcc officer if I were to be selected.:confused:. I am finishing my bachelors degree next month 24th..will I be accepted?
    Hi Britsimon, how much time do i have to gather all my documents after i am announced a winner at the dv visa? Should i get my documents ready way ahead i even find out if i won?
    hi Britsimon, could you help me giving me a orientation. I had my children 485 denied. Please! Do I prepare a motion or do another 485 file?
    Hello Britsimon,

    I have one question.

    During my interview back in March 2016,I noticed there are 2 colors for the file folder Red and yellow.

    My folder is in RED, in the same time other people was in yellow folder

    what is the difference between RED folder and YELLOW folder?

    any input will be appreciate.

    thank you.
    i have participated in the dv lottery for two times failing someone can help me on tips of winning please will be greatefull email at nice day folks
    Good day am Ngale from cameroon i was among the successful selectee for the US dv lottery 2016 and when filling my application form i made a mistake on my date of birth and during the period my wife just gave birth to a child and she was just a month old so i didnt add her to the form so now what can i do i dont want to leave my daughter behind am confuse i need advise
    Hi Britsimon, hope you are. We just found out that we were selected for the DV Lottery from May 2015 - Sept 30 2016. We quickly rushed and submitted the DS 260 application and now are awaiting to hear back (this all happened between last night and this morning)!

    I wanted to see if it was possible to to find out if all visa's were already granted/issued or we still have a chance? Ours is 26XX..

    thank you
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