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    H1b Cap & concurrent employment

    I have my original H1b not counted against cap.I happened to read the June 1st newsletter from USCIS,which says,the current H1b worker's petitions for concurrent H1b will continue to be processed.Does that include the petitions previously not counted too ,if not how will they know if my original...
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    Double H1B Ful-ltime and part-time

    With the Hospitalists trend now a days,I was wondering if we can hold 2 H1Bs at the same time.One for a fulltime position and other for part-time position,with same or different employers.Will that affect the green card processing in any ways.Any inputs appreciated. Thanks.
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    H1B transfer for Resident Physicians Nonprofit to Profit

    Iam currently a 3rd year resident physician.My program is a non profit organisation and I obtained H1B thru my program.If I join a job with a profit organisation,will I come under cap.If yes,do I qualify for H1B quota for candidates having US advanced degree although Iam still in my final year...
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    One and Half H1

    Thanks a lot.Another clarification please.Can company A or B can file a green card in this case and will 1.5 H1 will affect the green card processing any way.I greatly appreciate your input.
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    One and Half H1

    Iam currently on fulltime H1B with company A.I want to get some research experience for my future carreer.The company B which is the research company can allow me only if Iam employed with them atleast as a part time.Since company B only pay pennies,Iam wondering if I can continue fulltime with...
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    Greencard for Fellowship

    From the discussions I understand getting greencard through fellowship is difficult.Whats the chance of changing from J1 to O1 after fellowship,say you have about 2 publications by the time fellowship is completed.Also can O1 be eligible to work in small hospital/clinic setting rather than...
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    Greencard for Fellowship

    Thanks everyone for the information.I heard some of the residency programs had got GC for their 2nd year residents by calling them as Physician Internal Medicine.Iam confused about Hadron's - "it depends on the market" please explain me about this.Thanks
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    Greencard for Fellowship

    But how is that some of the residency programs are doing greencard for their residents.Hope residency is also not a permenant job.
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    Greencard for Fellowship

    Iam currently in H1B and I matched for fellowship to begin July 2006.The program strictly refuses to accept me in H1B and insists on J1 or join as permanent resident.Iam wondering if I can request them to sponsor GC,as the PD is supportive,its just the strict policy of uniersity because of NIH...