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    Hello there

    I just like to apologize for you, sorry I don't know you also to judge you and sure I didn't born to hate certain people, I love all the good people, and by the way I have so much friend from us and Europe so I am not bad lol, and by the way I hate the Arabic terrorist I hope all of them die for what they are doing, and I will be very glade if they get caught, any way I am really sorry to say whatever about you I didn't mean it, but the point is that I am really not bad person, and I didn't born to hate any one, and when I make an comment or criticize I just spoke because inside me I am hurt, but of course there is bad people and good people from all nations any way hope you luck and best wishes

    take care :)
    i just received my notification letter with a very high case number in the range 2010AF0004XXXX
    so i wish to ask if there is any possibilty of ever been scheduled for an interview before the fiscal year comes to an end
    hi bentlebee
    my wife gave birth today and I expect my interview in July so what I have to do to include my new child in the interview
    my best regads
    Ok, thanx for advise.
    I'll wait until Monday 4th then call to KCC again.
    If they say nothing new I'll sent $375 for AoS.

    Happy New Year!!!
    According to what my friend did and most people do is:

    pay $ 375.- for AOS
    pay $1010.- by check or money order with the rest of the package to Chicago...

    That is what I would do. Maybe the USCIS officer didn't know exactly what to do...some just started working there and have not much experience. So far every one who send it to Chicago moved on further, so to me that is the way to go...
    I'm not a lawyer so I can't give you professional advise.
    I been today in USCIS, and Immigration Officer told me to send I-485 and money order($930) to Chicago. But, I have spoke to one person who in registration wrote his US address and he got application Adjustment of Status Fee Payment + instructions. And, also I called to KCC, they twice told me wait until January 15th.
    KCC sent me just 2 form to home country. But that forms I alredy filled out and sent to KCC on October 4th.
    The form which I was talking about, my friend sent me by e-mail. How do you think, fill it out and send to Department of State, Diversity Visa Program in St. Louis????
    Hi bentlebee,
    How are you.
    I have a question. When I registered for DV-2010 i wrote wrong address(which is in my country), but I been in the USA in that time. So, I didn't get my application(Adjustment of status Fee Payment). I just got DS-230(I, II), DSP-122 and barcode.
    Please, advise me what I'm need to do!?!?!

    Thank you.
    U still have a lot of time, so don't worry. You can check your case online on the USCIS website....by the number you got appointed., or call USCIS and ask about the 2nd NL. USCIS is hard to get on the line...just try a couple of numbers and hit a "0" , if you don't succeed just hang up and try another number. Good Luck:)
    Hello dear,
    Pls do u have an idea on what i shld do? I have not received my2nd NL till date but my case No number is been sheduled for December interview.
    Do any one have any idea on this matter?
    Good Luck...and I'm happy they clearly stated why they rejected it and what she needed to do...for the rest she has put proof of her saving/funds, copies of prrof of her HS diploma + transcripts + College transcripts, etc.. all added so to me it should be easy further on....but we keep our fingers crossed and good luck to you:)
    Bentlebee, I am sorry to hear about the rejection of your friend's package...I know how it feels as I used to be in the same case...all my papers were stamped and checked when they returned the package....as all you described. All I hope is all this process will be finishing as fast as possible for all of us. Keep being positiv and good luck to us.
    My friend got her package send back 2 days ago, with "rejected" on it due to missing to fill out part 2 and crossing out one of the boxes...stupid or dumb, but it is what it is and she filled it our and returned the package to Chicago. All her papers were stamped on the side by a computer and the cheque was stamped, so I guess they processed everything and than noticed one question was forgotten to be filled out. So I guess it will be soon she will receive it since they already checked all her papers and even had to cross out one of the already stamped forms due to the missing answer which was the one that she requested a I-485 due to the DV lottery winning...
    I just responded to your thread....but maybe you can email me more info about your case...if you don't want to publish it on the forum.

    The questions I have are?

    Does the winner has a HS diploma or 3 out of 5 yrs in an approved job?
    Do you have proof of money, or job or a sponsor?
    Did you answer the questions the same way as you filled it out on your form...meaning the same address, city, father's name, etc...?
    Mr. Bentlebee please see my todays THREAD and give answer. I am Bulbuls from thailand. My interview was held but i am in trouble
    My friend received NL ...
    CN: EU00011xxx
    entered lotery Oct. 11th,2008
    received 1st NL May 25th, 2009
    send papers to KCC June 1st, 2009
    recieved by KCC June 3rd, 2009
    send $ 375.- AOS 8/10/09, return receipt 8/23/09
    Medical done Aug. 19th, 2009 fee $ 100.-
    Received letter that AOS will handle the case. 8/21/09
    Hi, I saw your reply to someone who was seeking a lawyer for adjustment of status, and I would to ask you if by any you think the lawyer can skilled enough to process an AOS for someone whose interview will be scheduled in september !!??? indeed my CN is very high AF70*** and if I'm lucky enough to receive a 2nd NL, that would be for an interview in September. thank you so much
    first thanks for the info.
    so as far as u know if it is siblings it will take minimum 5 years for endorsment.
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