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    What is AC21???

    No need to notify USCIS of your job change As far as I know, you are not required to notify the USCIS unless you get an RFE.
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    July '02 case approved

    congrats! Man, that's 3 years since the RD, isn't it?!!!! anyway, congratulations!
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    Name check pending

    You are not alone Name check/detailed review/systems check/extended review/other reviews........since 9/03 until.....????????? Baywatcher
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    Checks pending.... hell

    don't want to upset you too much, but I won't be surprised to hear FBI saying "due to national security concerns...." blah blah, short, they just want you to shut up. baywatcher name check/detailed review/??? pending since 9/2003
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    FBI namecheck response

    detailed review this is purely my speculation..ok, when the FBI initiated your name check, your name got a hit(s) in their databases..this may mean they have a file on you or your name is very similar to someone's on its watch list. to find out, they need to clear you out. it takes time as...
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    FBI namecheck response

    detailed review from what I have read on this forum, name check is a general term....there may be different levels of checks, with the "detailed review" as the most comprehensive checks....It involves different US government agencies. I contacted two congresswomen for help/intervention...
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    Secuirty Clearence

    Final security clearances I got a similar reply in Feb...."your case is awaiting final security clearances" far, my case is still somewhere with this so-called "clearances". baywatcher
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    2002 filers still unapproved?

    September 03 name check pending Sent an email to CSC 485 division, and got a reply a few days later. Was told name check was still pending at the FBI. The USCIS has no control over the name check..... Baywatcher
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    WAC0308052xxx - approved

    Congratulations! Freedom finally arrived! When was your 2nd FP? Baywatcher
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    Can I say approved?

    My friend! So glad you are approved! You got to think about how to start fresh...... Baywatcher
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    UN/Ginnu, a question for you please!

    Phew! Thank you United Nations! Baywatcher
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    UN/Ginnu, a question for you please!

    UN/Ginnu, I'm considering leaving my current job and joining an international organization headquartered in the U.S. Provided that my job category is the same, would the nature of my new employer, i.e. international organization, be a problem? Many thanks Baywatcher
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    Need Help: I485 filed in December 2001 - Still pending

    congrats Enjoy your freedom Immigrateme! Can you please tell us whether your 2nd FP was biometrics? Baywatcher
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    I-485 approved (Non-conc) RD 08/11/2004 CSC, EB3, PD 2001

    glad to be the first to congratulate you Which day was your FP done in March? Was it for biometrics? baywatcher.
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    FYI about emergency number.

    Experience with the emergency number So far I've talked to three people at that number, 1) the very nice lady, 2) a guy who asked me "do you know it's an emergency line" and hang up, 3) a polite "bitch". Anybody else there? Baywatcher.