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    Card after EAD approval

    at the most a week
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    Finally Approved

    can u tell me whether its EB2 or EB3
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    December approvals needed.

    140 with Jan 04 ND approved I don't know much details since this is for one of friends, i know surely he applied concurrently this year in the first week of Jan 04 in EB3 category,thought this will give some info to the forum guys..
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    I-140 Approved ND 11/13/03

    Congrats.. Could u mention whether it was EB2 or EB3
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    Approved 140 & 485 same day JUNE 23 2004

    please can u post ur ND dates
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    Approved 140 & 485 same day JUNE 23 2004

    NJabc123 can u post ur ND dates
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    Any idea what is going on in VSC?

    could someone attach the i 140 scan program please...i posted yesterday but didn't get any reply..
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    I140 Scan Program

    Can sombody attach the I 140 scan program...or let me know where it is , since i want to find certain range for the approvals
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    Strange Message- Case not found

    don't worry,this kind of message occurs if the frequency of checking online is more.It will take couple of days to get back to original.This happenedto me recently , and it took 3 days to show normal.
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    Case Status

    But when i called on phone to check the status , it says the same old messages, but still u think the case might have trasferred which is little scary,
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    Urgent--since yesterday

    Thanks for all ur replies,hopefully ur words come true... waiting in queue...
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    Urgent--since yesterday

    Yes, i can see my cases in my profile,but when i click on the recipt no. i get the same error message,so i got little worried,hopefully nothing goes wrong is it possible to get normal after some days or this is goin to e there forever
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    Urgent--since yesterday

    why do u want the receipt no.
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    Urgent--since yesterday

    I have been trying to post this message from yesterday ,could somebody help, I tried to find the status old fashioned way and got the messaes as below,did anyone ever got such message or do u think the old fashioned way is not working once they launched te login service,please do let me...