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  • Thanks, you also get news soon. yeah documents almost ready next week or so i will send them.
    Keep in touch.
    hi,how are you? I have done it in February 16. I have update too.I received a letter that they need evidence.They need a copy of my wife's birth certificate and copy of marriage dates.
    What about you? anything new?
    Hi, how are you, whats new? I did the fingerprints last month too. Now waiting fir approval.Let me know anything new.
    hello sorry for late reply, it took 16 months for my i730 to get approved. i applied in on april 2009. but it was me who was unlucky most cases i have heard get approved quickly around 5 , 6 months. i have recently received my gc too. it only took about 2 months for that. good luck , i hope yours get approved soon.
    If you have any information on how long does to take to get derivative asylum decision please share your experience ...
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