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  • Hi Asylee13.

    I'm going to stay in UK (London) for ~26 hours between flights to Eastern European country (I'll need to change airports). I'm the GC holder with RP.

    I'm leaving on May 31st and have no transit visa. I've read your forum post, and now I'm a bit scared. Do you have a news/updates on this subject? I'd appreciate your help very much.

    hi asylee13,
    i want to know about the bahaviour of the asylum officer.how are they .are they freindly or adversial?please let me know and help me in this regard.
    No my fried i am indian. My wife hasn't seen her old & sick mother for 6 years. I was wondering if she could go via Nepal and meet her family for few days. Please share the experience of your friends.
    I'm not entirely sure about that. I know a few of my compatriots have gone to Nepal through India. Are you a Nepali by any chance?
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