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    NSC - Plastic Tracker

    Card Mailed Please update Card Mailed on 3/22/2005.
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    NSC - Plastic Tracker

    Pl add mine See signature. Also All the lady at the counter did was take signatures and FP. Stamped our passport. No reciept? Is this normal? How are we supposed to track the progress ? Thru the 485 Lin ?
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    Chicago Passport Stamping Info

    WEnt there today at 11:30 I parked at one of the lot on Jackson and Dearbon and it is $5 for first 20 mins. Mine finished with in 45 mins and I paid $11. Its on the bylane on jackson just before dearborn. Also for photos if you have a problem (Full frontal) go to Walgreen right opposite to the...
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    Photograph issue at stamping @ chicago!

    $65 ? I paid only $6:99 today at 11:30 in the walgreens right in front of office
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    Questions About Stamp.

    Yep thats it Yep Thats it.. All these years and this is what you get :-)
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    What is the deadline on Passport Stamping.

    1) So now if I get this old passport stamped, Do I have to go again for stamping of my new passport in 2 months time. NO, The Old passport is still with you and in side that they even mention all the VISA's are valid even though this passport is cancelled. so I would expect stamping is also...
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    Tracker for ND Sept 2002

    validate with FBI if your name check is complete ? PArshu and Lewen, did u guys validate with FBI if your name check is complete ? May be they are waiting for it....
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    Tracker for ND Sept 2002

    Thanks all. My theory may be true...
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    Done 2FP in Jul, Aug and waiting for Approval/RFE

    Thanks voda. Sorry I forgot to update in this thread..
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    Tracker for ND Sept 2002

    Approved ;-) Mine and my wifes cases have been approved on 9/15th.. I just got emails... Still not out of the Surprise news.. Will post details later.... No RFE
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    I am Seeing green today :-)

    Just got emails, Both Mine and my wifes cases have been approved. No RFE.... Thanks every one for your support
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    Tracker for ND Sept 2002

    gsumk, Congrats, Can you let me know one additional detail? After your second finger printing on 8/12/2004, did your LUD change that they got the FP results ? IF yes when? Others, I am asking this question because I want to float a theory that they are now working on the application which...
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    Done 2FP in Jul, Aug and waiting for Approval/RFE

    Please add mine FP2 8/14/2004 LUD change 8/18/2004 (FP recieved .. process resumed..) Rest details in signature
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    Transit Visa

    No I dont think we need a Transit Visa for Green Card Holders. Even if its a Stamp on the passport it is still a Permanant residency stamp. Before (Ages back) there was never a card.. It was all a stamp on the passport.
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    RFE replied..Waiting for approval

    LUD Change did not do anything in my case My LUD changed on 7/27 and 7/28 but I did not get any thing.. I did my FP2 on 8/14 and LUD changed on 8/19.. Still no approval...