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    Working as a Fashion Model/Actress

    My Company is one of the most established in Dubai.Now more famous. Now searching for models, actress, actor, talents, etc for tv, tvc, drama, movies, photo shooting, magazines, newspapers, video, commercials, etc. All are welcome, all races, all ages, all faces, all weight, all height, all...
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    DV Lottery 2014, will there be more selectees?

    I applied for it. But never get success. Hope for the best.
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    Follow To Join....

    Do you know if the cable has reached chennai? My cable was sent on Aug 30 chennai has not yet received it, any ideas why it takes so long?
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    Can we close/delete this thread?

    thanks for sharing it. i was trying to do it.
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    June 25, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna, Recording Available

    My employer did not run my payroll. He told me that we are going to get the project money after 2 months from client. can i do something for that ? If they does not run payroll. can it create any problem ?
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    How to Apply for a Green Card- Do it Yourself

    I just called IRS and using the automatic telephone system ordered the TRANSCRIPTS for last 3 years. For sponsoring my parents I just used my income and not my wife's although the TRANSRIPTS showed the joint amount.