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    Please sign petition against Lou Dobbs/CNN

    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.
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    Reuters news agency on "Flowery U.S. Protest"

    could you please provide the URL for this reuters article ?
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    A sincere appeal - Please support AILF lawsuit and contribute.

    There is no information on AILF webpage regarding lawsuit. However there is some information on AILA webpage which can be only viewed by members. Heres a link to the lawsuit that was filed last week by AILF
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    A sincere appeal - Please support AILF lawsuit and contribute. With the press coverage this issue has gotten, there is a good chance that this lawsuit will be a success. If you can send flowers to USCIS then you can definitely contribute to this lawsuit. It only makes sense. I know there are certain mischieveous elements in this...
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    Fed up ... preparing to leave

    My priority date became current only in July. I have been through LC several times before. Once I got laid off. 2nd time I was working for a startup and left after 2 years realizing its not going anywhere. Finally I joined a consulting company with whom I am now. The consulting company did apply...
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    Fed up ... preparing to leave

    Jacko, Hang in there buddy. I have been in this country for more than 9 years now. As fate would've had it I still haven't been able to apply for I-485 due to retrogression. There are days when i feel pissed at the whole situation and want to go back. At others I feel optimistic. You already...
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    Please sign 485 petition for July visa bulletin fiasco.
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    AILF lawsuit.

    According to Mathew Oh's webpage " The AILF work on the lawsuit appears to be in progress without any hurdles. It has reported that enough candidates have come forward to participate in the lawsuit as the plaintiffs and it does not need any more candidates to move forward for the lawsuit...
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    Signature Campaign for July Retrogression?

    I think this is the right time for a signature campaign. Draft a letter explaining this unprecedented act of USCIS and DOS and send it to all senators, all house representatives and the white house. I have been sending e-mails to senators, representatives in my area. I think a joint effort at...
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    READ - THE FACTS re Bulletin change

    Re: blister Blister, you seem very sad and suffering from a midlife crisis. Are you an innovator ? apparently not - otherwise you wouldn't have the time to spread the same hateful message in 2 different threads. You quickly forget that most of the innovation today in silicon valley and...
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    expected revised July Visa Bulletin ?

    The July VB released last month has already been archived. This usually happens a couple of days before DOS is about to release the latest VB.
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    Immigration Reform bill is against legal Immigration !!

    I reiterate - It is indeed shameful that this congress is giving preference to illegal immigration over legal immigration. The CIR bill does exactly that. A lot of you on this board are living in a fool's paradise -- "Oh let the poor illegal immigrants get their green cards as well". You do not...
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    How much EB2 India move in July...

    Similar thread exists below:
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    When will EB2 India reach Aug 2005?

    UN was good but he didn't know everything. Read the below link and explanation of EB2 category. It clearly says the following EB1 = "Priority workers (28.6% of the worldwide level of visas, or approximately 40,000 visas PLUS unused special...
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    Immigration Reform bill is against legal Immigration !!

    The recent bill proposes a point based system for highly skilled legal immigrants. It will be an utter disaster if it passes in its current form: 1) Point based system will take a long time to implement. 2) It offers no way for employers to sponsor the eligible employees. 3) It DOES NOT...