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    Life in the UK Test Preparation + OFFICIAL Handbook For Free

    Please only use the official handbook to prepare for the test. You need to study the 3rd Edition Handbook. Links: Life in the UK Test Practice Tests: The Handbook: Android App...
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    Life in the UK test how hard is it?

    It's pretty easy, most people tend to pass first time. The ones who fail tend to be bad at English. All questions come from the 3rd Edition handbook, so if you read that, you will have no problem passing the test. You can buy it on amazon. You can read the reviews and comments about life in...
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    Who is a better sponsor father or brother?

    I would go for Brother if he is old enough and is financially secure. Please answer my thread question
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    What are you doing right now ?

    Wondering how come some threads have 1000 views and only a few replies :)
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    Which is your favorite pet?

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    Getting a US visa for UK nationals

    How realistic is it to get the investor visa if I wish to buy a property in the US? Is it hard for UK nationals to get permanent residency in the US?
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    Taxation in the US

    I am living in the UK (currently) and I'm looking into possibilities of moving my assets to the US. Particularly interested in New York. Is the taxation the same across all states? I'm looking into property investment, particularly Buy to Let. Where is the best to invest in the US? Is it worth...