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    H1b visa transfer + extension

    There shouldn't be any ambiguity about an old H1b job. Once an employee no longer works there, the employer by law must inform USCIS and rescind that petition. For far too long, consultancies (primarily desi) and shady employers have been abusing H1b laws. If an employee wishes to re-join that...
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    Is there anyone know “can apply citizenship if someone registered to vote unknowingly?

    In your own words you did register to vote, therefore you check (tick) Yes.
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    Green card holder - Study Abroad

    You have what is known as a Conditional Green Card, a gc for those married under 2 years. You'd have a 90-day window before the gc expires in 2020 to fill out form I-751 and send proofs of living in marital union.. to remove conditions. A re-entry permit is generally not required for...
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    Bank account without SSN?

    All banks seem to have their own policies, even then, policies may differ from branch to branch depending on the rep you encounter. In my case, every time I've opened an account I've been asked for and provided a ssn number. But that's just my experience. I don't know what would follow if I...
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    Bank account without SSN?

    I've always had to produce a SSN for opening a bank account, incl with BoA.
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    Bank account without SSN?

    A social security number is required to open a bank account. Wait a couple weeks for the card to be produced. You could go to the local DMV to get a State ID or a driver's license if/when you qualify, but you require evidence of residence as well as proof of US legal presence. Things take...
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    GC for Parents - AOS and CP - Information Source

    As Susie noted above, if he already has a B2 visa, he could request admission at POE to visit. He needs to carry evidence of his return home, including a return ticket. However, he may be viewed as an AOS risk. A number of IR visitors have done that in the past. Hopefully your father wouldn't...
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    Should I apply for the citizenship or reniew my green card?

    No fee for the i551 stamp. But look early and often, Infopass appointments can be hard to get in certain locations.
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    H1 B Transfer Denied

    An employer, by law, must notify USCIS of an employee's termination. Once a person leaves, the employer has to file a new H1b cap-exempt petition to re-hire the individual. OP has/had a 60-day window to transfer and legally remain in the US following termination from employer A.
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    Should I apply for the citizenship or reniew my green card?

    You do not have to renew the green card if you're eligible for and plan on applying for US citizenship. It's a waste of money, and is currently taking about a year for a green card to be produced. Apply for citizenship. A month or so before green card expiration, make an Infopass appointment...
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    Should I apply for the citizenship or reniew my green card?

    Any particular reason you didn't apply for n400 5 years ago?
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    IR-1 and future student visa for step daughter

    Spouse goes for CR1 visa in Mumbai. No other acronyms involved. You have to be married first.
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    IR-1 and future student visa for step daughter

    Your assumptions appear to be mostly correct, although processing times tend to be longer with current backlogs. With a pending i-130, COs make the final determination if an applicant qualifies for a non-immigrant visa based on a combination of factors. Your would-be spouse applies for a CR-1...
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    employment terminated, I-797 expired. Planning to apply for H4 from india

    There it is.. your two contradicting posts IS the issue. At first not wanting to work in order to support the wife and look after other matters, then changing tune to offer to work when given an opportunity. Are you willing to say ANYTHING to not decrease chances of a visa? Dude, how difficult...