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Yellow letter prior to interview

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by eliteji, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. eliteji

    eliteji New Member

    Couple of weeks back I've received a yellow letter stating I need to bring my original birth certificate for the interview along with that Yellow letter. Interview is scheduled in 3rd week of jan.
    Have 2 questions about that:
    1 - I do not have my Birth certificate with me
    2 - I've lost / misplaced the yellow letter. How important is it to carry that yellow letter to the interview.

    Thanks much in advance for all the advise...
  2. Huracan

    Huracan Registered Users (C)

    First I hear about a yellow letter (at least the color, although I might have seen some posts about USCIS asking for extra documents for the interview). I would assume it is important, otherwise they wouldn't have sent it, and if I were you I would hurry up in getting a birth certificate. They probably have some questions about your birth certificate and want to see an original one. I would say if you don't find the yellow letter, at the very least you would have to show up there with the original certificate and a photocopy or two of the original certificate. They might decide to make your original certificate part of the record, so if it is an irreplaceable document make sure you mention this to the interviewer and have the photocopy at hand, in case they accept a copy once it has been compared with the original, or they can decide to take the photocopy themselves. Bottom line, go to the interview with the birth certificate. If you decide or do not have other choice but go to the interview without the birth certificate, let us know how it goes. Anyway, please let us know any outcome. This is better than going to the interview and being asked there for the document and have the case delayed further.
  3. sirch320

    sirch320 Registered Users (C)

    I also received the yellow letter, and then about 2 months later, the interview letter. The interview letter was the document that they look for during the interview. It has a barcode that my IO scanned right after swearing me in. I was not asked for the yellow letter during the interview. I brought my original birth certificate to the interview as instructed on the yellow letter but that too was not asked of me. But it is always best to go the interview well-prepared.
  4. tabaliya

    tabaliya Registered Users (C)

    During my interview last week I was asked about my Borth Certificate since there was a discrepancy in my name on the BC. What I did in lieu of getting a new birth cert issued from India, was to have my mother and my aunt sign an affidavit in court (signed by a city magistrate) certifying that my complete and accurate name is such and such. This was accepted by the USCIS in lieu of incomplete name on my birth cert. Hope this helps. You can find templates by doing a google search. If you like you may also email me at:

    tabaliya AT GMAIL DOT COM and I can send you a sample affidavit.

    Getting a birth cert in a hurry might be a difficult proposition. I would try and get affidavits from a parent and a close relative instead.

  5. vdostoi1

    vdostoi1 Volunteer Moderator

    Just to verify: this is related to a naturalization interview, correct?
  6. rick92

    rick92 Volunteer Moderator

    They might want to verify the birth certificate after it is given to them... I do not think it is the IO who verifies the documents but rather a different Dpt within USCIS...

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