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Yahoooo .... Got Approved after almost 5 years of waiting

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by Sribhami, May 30, 2002.

  1. Sribhami

    Sribhami Registered Users (C)

    My handle on this board used to be sribhami... For some odd reason I was not able to login. But I certainly wanted to share this info with all the RFE waiters so I created this new account ...just to give them some hope... I called INS at 8:00 PM last night and the message had changed from Your RFE was recd ..... to this case has been approved on Aug 28th. My wife & son\'s case has been approved too.

    Here are my details:
    PD : Jul\'97 ND : Aug \' 1999 FP : Sept 2000 RFE (sent by INS) : Jun 14th (3 Yrs W2\'s & Employment Letter) RFE responded by our lawyer : June 28th RFE (INS Recd in the Mailroom) : July 5th ... Voice Mail Update for RFE reciept : Aug 21 st. Voicemail updated for approval : Aug 29th.

    So that\'s the whole story. I am still waiting for the reciept from INS. I am extremely thrilled and I wish all the Green card waiters Best luck in their journey to the green card.

    Thanks very much to each and every individual who contributed in keeping this site up and running. Excellent Ciba with you data collection and managing.

  2. maggie99

    maggie99 Registered Users (C)


  3. add

    add New Member

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    Congratulations Srini, You waited really long...

    - PCee
  4. magogo

    magogo Registered Users (C)

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    Congratulations and thanks for giving hope to RFE waiters like me.

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