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WoW!!! Naturalization Process picking up speed in New York!!

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Dilbag Singh, May 29, 2002.

  1. Dilbag Singh

    Dilbag Singh Registered Users (C)

    I got letter for interview today. I had applied on Oct 5th 2001.I am scheduled for an interview on July 17th 02.It seems that whole process will take nine months.
  2. SanjayH

    SanjayH Registered Users (C)

    Dilbag Singh

    Congrats ! Finally it has gathered speed.

    Please let us know what documents has INS requested you to bring along for the interview ?

  3. prawn

    prawn New Member

    West is faster....

    You think that is fast! How about in Los Angeles, I applied N400 on October 26, 2002 and I had my interview yesterday. The whole interview was over in less then 10 minutes. Just waiting for my oath now.
    Oh! by the way it was little late for me since at first I did not send my finger prints fee ($25 extra) along with proccessing fee. Plus my finger prints were taken on FBI approved card not electornically.

  4. Dilbag Singh

    Dilbag Singh Registered Users (C)

    Requested documents for an Interview!!!!

    They Have asked for following documents!!!!!
    #1 The letter(that was sent to me)
    #2 Alien Registration card(Green Card)
    #3 Any evidence of selective service registration.
    #4 passport and/or any other documents used in connection with any entries into the U.S.
    (please note that required documents could be different according to your N-400 case type. I have applied on five year basis. If you are applying on basis of marriage they will ask you for more documents. I hope this Information will help everyone in process of Naturalization.. Good luck)
  5. ec

    ec Registered Users (C)

    Did you use a time machine?

    Looks like you traveled into the future to apply and came back to the past for the interview.
    That is really fast, who can beat you?
  6. citizen2b

    citizen2b Registered Users (C)

    to Dilbag

    where is your local district office? Mahattan or other place?
  7. Dilbag Singh

    Dilbag Singh Registered Users (C)

    Local Office

    Our local office is in Manhattan, N.Y.(Federal plaza)
  8. citizen2b

    citizen2b Registered Users (C)

    to Dilbag

    Do they ask you to bring NY State driver license or other documents to prove your current residency? I don\'t have NY driver licence now. thanks.
  9. Dilbag Singh

    Dilbag Singh Registered Users (C)

    Picture ID

    They did not ask for my Driving license however they did ask for picture ID besides green card and passport. If you don\'t have the license,then you should take some other ID with picture on it.

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