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Why police verification for #PIO to #OCI for minor child (7Yr Old)? Waste of resources

Discussion in 'Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Issues' started by desiguy01, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. desiguy01

    desiguy01 Registered Users (C)

    Please review and sign the Change.org petition online (link)

    1. Indian bureaucracy – the ministry of External Affairs and Indian Police – still want residents, NRIs and OCIs to continue the burden of redundant photocopies of documents to be submitted over and over.

    o Request: Please do away with the repeated re-submit of the same documents

    2. Police verification, while necessary for the security during the times we live in, should be done judiciously. Requiring verification for a minor child who has already undergone prior verification is an atrocious waste of the nation’s time and resources

    o Request: Review and verify if “Police Verification” for a minor’s application, especially an application just to convert PIO to OCI is required and avoid wasted resources

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