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What is IRS 1722 Letter?

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by crabappple, May 6, 2009.

  1. crabappple

    crabappple Registered Users (C)

    I came across in this in the interview checklist.

    Is it only for those who have not paid taxes since they were out of the country? or due to some unforeseen circumstances.

    I have been paying taxes every year and have not broken continous residency requirement. I have all the tax papers for all my filings but not this original 1722 letter.

    Has anybody got this letter? How long does it take to get one?

    Thank you for your responses!
  2. Bobsmyth

    Bobsmyth Volunteer Moderator

  3. mazdur_desi

    mazdur_desi Registered Users (C)

    Where is it written that 1722 is outdated and is replaced by 4506T. I am looking for some official document. Need it as who knows I may end up with some ignorant immigration officer who will settle for nothing less than 1722. Usually IRS forms clearly state which form they replace. 4506T does not say that.
  4. absrao

    absrao Registered Users (C)

    IRS provides two types of free transcripts.

    a) First is account transcripts that summarizes original tax amount and any and all transactions related to that tax year and summary of account - ideally showing zero (nothing owned).

    b) A filing transcript - that shows each line items from your filing. Its more detailed but does NOT list any payments you made AFTER the initial filing.

    Take both as they are free for upto 4 years. Bottom line is USCIS wants to see that a) you filed taxes for the years in question b) you dont owe IRS any money or made arrangements to pay any money
  5. mazdur_desi

    mazdur_desi Registered Users (C)

    Thanks absrao
    I will be carrying both the account transcript and the filing transcript. However, the issue is what if an (ignorant) IO insist I get form 1722. Then I have to show him that the tax transcripts are a substitute for 1722. Is there any official documentation from IRS for that
  6. trrajesh

    trrajesh Registered Users (C)

    I went to the local IRS office and

    Got Tax transcripts for the last 3 years and Transaction transcripts for the last 8 years or so. I guess IRS prints them from online and gives them to whoever is asking for them. But the IO never asked me for that during the interview and it was all a bit of a waste
  7. formerf1

    formerf1 Registered Users (C)

    IOs are not ignorant. Some might be zealous. Just the account transcript should be fine....

  8. absrao

    absrao Registered Users (C)

    Having it and not getting asked is lot better than not having it and getting interview scheduled again or sending docs in mail as follow up.
  9. absrao

    absrao Registered Users (C)

    And should the issue go so far as to debate the form number in interview, politely ask to see Supervisor and explain. 99.9999% it wont go so far.
  10. USImmigrator

    USImmigrator Registered Users (C)

    The IRS1722 is dead. Long live the 4506T!

    It took me a long time on hold with the IRS in 2013 to figure this out. And you can do everything on line. Pity I didn't know that before I started out. There's a feedback form to allow people to comment on the "reduction of paperwork in government agencies". Shame there's not a place to comment on the misleading terminology and outdated forms placed in requests by one government agency for another.

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