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What is ASC Appointment Notice for Biometrics ?

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by BanglaBabu, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. BanglaBabu

    BanglaBabu Registered Users (C)


    I got the above notive with Code 3 for me and spouce and with code 2 for the KIDs. First FP was done in Aug'03 and second was in Jan'05. If FPs are valid for 15 months, what are these noties for, any Idea ??

  2. saras76

    saras76 Banned

    Code 3 Biometric

    FP notices usually have 3 types of codes. Code 1, Code 2 and Code 3. Here is what they mean -

    Code 1 - FP of ten fingers.

    Code 2 - FP of index finger, digital photo and signature.

    Code 3 - FP of ten fingers, FP of index finger, digital photo and signature.

    Code 3 is a rather recent devleopment. Once a code 3 FP is complete the physical GC can be mailed out without having the PP stamped first. During PP stamping they take a picture and FP of the index finger. This is necessary for the physical card. Now that this is done during the Code 3 FP process the GC can be mailed to the applicant without waiting for the PP stamping. Lately most people have been getting Code 3 FP notices but there are still a lot of Code 1 and Code 2 FP notices out there.

    Hope this information helps.


  3. BanglaBabu

    BanglaBabu Registered Users (C)

    Saras76 . Thanks for the Info.


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