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what is alien card number on AR-11

Discussion in 'Vermont Service Center I-140' started by manoj2003, May 3, 2004.

  1. manoj2003

    manoj2003 Registered Users (C)

    Do we need to fill it?

    it says "Alien Card number" , is it something from our visa/i-194 or from GC, any idea,

    thx in advance..

  2. PainfulGC123

    PainfulGC123 Registered Users (C)

    If you are in non-immigrant status (H-1B, F-1, etc), Alien Number is your I-94 card number.

    If you are already an immigrant (permanent resident), it will be your Green Card (Alien Registration Card) number.
  3. manoj2003

    manoj2003 Registered Users (C)


    thx a lot for your help....
  4. Jharkhandi

    Jharkhandi Registered Users (C)

    I am not sure but isn't it the same as your A number? If yes, then it can be found on your reciept notice.
  5. Marais

    Marais Registered Users (C)

    Jharkhandi is right..!!

    It's A# from the receipt notice.
  6. PainfulGC123

    PainfulGC123 Registered Users (C)

    Which receipt notice?
  7. Jharkhandi

    Jharkhandi Registered Users (C)

  8. PainfulGC123

    PainfulGC123 Registered Users (C)

    Jharkandi / Marais,
    What if somebody does not have a receipt notice yet? Say, if someone has not started the LC process yet and if they file AR-11 to notify of address change, what will Alien number be?

    In my case, SESA has not yet processed my LC application (RIR). However my lawyer advised me to file AR-11 when I moved and I used the I-94 card number from my H-1B visa.

    Do you think I have done something wrong? Please clarify.
  9. nkm-oct23

    nkm-oct23 Registered Users (C)

    A# number is usually not assigned until I-485 is applied for and a receipt notice is issued for it. Until then use I-94 number.
  10. PainfulGC123

    PainfulGC123 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the clarification, nkm-oct23.
  11. manoj2003

    manoj2003 Registered Users (C)

    which receipt number?

    AR-11 is common for even people having just h1b, what do they put there?

    A number on our GC notices are not valid till we get Gc, is it not correct?

    plz correct me if i am wrong..
  12. PainfulGC123

    PainfulGC123 Registered Users (C)

    I thought AR-11 needs to be also filed by persons having H-1B even if they are not pursuing the GC process. For such cases, I-94 card number should be good enough.
  13. Jharkhandi

    Jharkhandi Registered Users (C)

    The idea of AR-11 is to keep a track of your current location.

    A-number is valid even before GC approval(for ex if you want to get someone in USA on visitor visa.).

    As H1b people can be tracked thru their employers, it was not meant for H1b people in their mind.
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  14. Marais

    Marais Registered Users (C)


    1) In the "Notice of Action" (Receipt Notice) a number under "BENEFICIARY" is the A # number

    It will be in the format "A 11- 111-111" .

    2) I have no idea how to get this if you dont have any receipt notice..!!!
  15. nsbv

    nsbv Registered Users (C)

    Today I have called up CIS to change my address by phone. INS officer changed my address over the phone, as well she mentioned to file to AR-11. She told me that if you file AR-11 alone, address change would not reflect on your pending applications. She said that you should call CIS to change address on your pending cases and as well you should file AR-11 to inform Department Of Homeland Security about your change of address.
  16. sameer.ashraf

    sameer.ashraf New Member

    ON which number you contacted them to report change of address over the phone?

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