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What if I submit forms with errors

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by mh4pac, May 9, 2011.

  1. mh4pac

    mh4pac Registered Users (C)

    Hello, I'm a DV 2012 winner, I made a mistake in Q30, I put my birth year instead of my birth year + 16 because I never leaved my home /city/province/country since I was born.
    The Question is, should I send a clarification/correction by myself or wait till they ask me for new correction of that mistake, because people advised me to not send anything till they ask, I mean should I wait their reject to re-submit new form with changes or I can do it now by myself. And about the reject did you get it in a mail or email?
  2. Tazmania

    Tazmania Registered Users (C)

    You did what? Sorry I dont get it.
  3. mh4pac

    mh4pac Registered Users (C)

    I was born in 1985, and they want to know place I lived science 16 for more than 6 moths, that mean they want to know where I lived since 2001, I never leaved my city/province/country since the day I was born, I wrote in the last field of the first and lonely line 08-1985 instead of 08-2001.
    Hope that you understand what I wrote, and give me answer, people says it's not a big mistake and they will understand that...
  4. jayo2k

    jayo2k Registered Users (C)

    that's just a detail, just call them & explain
  5. dv2012

    dv2012 Registered Users (C)

    They will understand it, don't worry. I wrote the same since I was living in the same place since I was 3 years old.
  6. Tazmania

    Tazmania Registered Users (C)

    Send them an email with the correct data. I hope you did not make this mistake in the original application.
  7. sonibago

    sonibago Registered Users (C)

    I don't see this as a mistake to affect your application, however I agree with Tazmania that you should just send an email with the correct info. I suspect that from what you've submitted, they will realize that you've lived the same place since birth.
  8. mh4pac

    mh4pac Registered Users (C)

    Thank you all for the response,
    I got it, I'm going to send'em an email, to clarify that mistake.
    Tazmania what do you mean by :
    I didn't get the word original application, there is only one application, and it is the lonely and original one that I submit before (the two forms and the two pictures I mean) !!
  9. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Before you email them, tell us exactly what you will write so we can make sure it will get your point across. You don't want there to be a misunderstanding with your application.
  10. mh4pac

    mh4pac Registered Users (C)

    Humm, I will e-mail :

  11. Tazmania

    Tazmania Registered Users (C)

    Who shoud understand this? Anyway, you need to include your case number and DOB into the mail.


    Please correct Q30 in DS-230 I sent to KCC from x.x.xxxx to x.x.yyyy

    Thats it.
  12. mh4pac

    mh4pac Registered Users (C)

    Tazmania please look at this :
  13. Tazmania

    Tazmania Registered Users (C)

    Sorry, are you kidding me? If you never left the city where you are born the form should show 1985 - present and not vice versa what you wrote.

    However, dont send the email yet. It will take some time before KCC has updated your case. Wait about a week.
  14. lordmuggins

    lordmuggins Registered Users (C)

    I agree; it should show 1985 - ... not your birthdate+16 years.
  15. Tazmania

    Tazmania Registered Users (C)

    Forget it, Q30 is asking for the period after age of 16 years. So If you were born in 1985, 2001 - present is right.

    Next time include what the question is asking, that makes things easier.
  16. mh4pac

    mh4pac Registered Users (C)

    Dear Tazmania, I wrote the question's number three times before, and I don't understand how till now can't get the question :), here is a simple :


    You have to know that I never leaved my city / province / country so I just put one line, and instead of writing from 02-1991 to Present, I wrote as shown in the picture. So yes what I submitted was wrong (but unfortunately not that big wrong).
    Hope that you get it, and check my message and advice me about correction (of the e-mail) before I send it to KCCDV@state.gov :
    Note : change the "**" by "tt" to see the picture.
  17. sonibago

    sonibago Registered Users (C)

    I still don't think you need to make a correction. If you put 1985 to present, then they can only deduce that you've been there all your life. If you need to correct it then send a very short to the point email with only the pertinent info so as to not confuse anyone.

    If you feel compelled to correct it then I agree with Tazmania:

    Correction for Q30 in DS-230 as follows:
    Rome Rome Italy 2001 - present

    Thank you.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2011
  18. mh4pac

    mh4pac Registered Users (C)

    Thank you for your advice.
  19. sonibago

    sonibago Registered Users (C)

    you are welcomed..good luck
  20. Razaki83

    Razaki83 New Member

    I think i left out a questing in the DS-230
    The qesting was about "In what occupation do you intend to work in the United States"
    How will i know if i filled it.
    And is there a way you can verifier if u have answered all the Questing on the form from KCC

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