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what can i do forgot register with the selective service system

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by realfang, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. realfang

    realfang Registered Users (C)

    i didnt know register with the selective service system till not long ago. so what can i do and how to fix it? please help!!!!!!!!
  2. Cl_Asylee

    Cl_Asylee Registered Users (C)

    You can find all the info here:

  3. crusher4me

    crusher4me Registered Users (C)

    I didnt register also, I actually doesnt really know about selective service.
    and I am over 26yo now when i was granted asylum i still under 26 and now I will soon apply for citizen and there is question about selective service...

    any advise???
  4. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe Registered Users (C)

    Dude you should know that. When you getting asylum, you receiving a letter saying what you have to do. I bet you, you knew about all benefits you entitled to.
  5. solid_traveling

    solid_traveling Registered Users (C)

    u might already be registerd without u doing it in particular. did u check if you were registered with the ss website?

    if you havnt you would have to give the uscis an explanation of why you wernt able to register, if they accapt it , you have nothing to worry.

    if thats not the case the only catch for applying n400 is that you can do it only after your 31st birthday..

    keep us posted of wheather ur registered or not when you verify ur registration on the SS website

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