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what all European countries will not need visa if I have green card???

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by abc94536, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. abc94536

    abc94536 Registered Users (C)

    I very recently saw my GC approval - have not received the physical green card yet but after a long arduous journey I am excited to travel to europe without going through the pain of taking visa.:)

    Do we know what all European countries will not need visa if I have green card??

    Also, what is re-entry permit? do I need to have it along with GC?

    Sorry, guys I am new to this side of the world....:)

    Thank you,
  2. TheRealCanadian

    TheRealCanadian Volunteer Moderator

    It depends on your citizenship, I would imagine.

    Only if you intend to depart the US for over six months.
  3. godotwaiting

    godotwaiting Registered Users (C)

  4. mk2007

    mk2007 Registered Users (C)

    Not yet. Entree to the European countries is based on the nationality. If you need visa based on your home country passport, you will have to keep taking visa for the European countries when you have green card. Green card will not change the scenario. Only when you have the US passport, you won't need visa to enter most of the European countries.
  5. rpranesh

    rpranesh Registered Users (C)

    I guess Switzerland is (or was) the only country where GC holders do not need visa.
  6. jupitar

    jupitar Registered Users (C)

    I think the above provided link is for transit visa rules (OR, re-entry to USA)

    Can anyone know to which Europe countries i don't need to take visa to visit that country. I'm having Indian passport and US GC.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. jac2005

    jac2005 Registered Users (C)

    I think you will need to take a visa for most Schengen countries. I had to recently apply for one. Good thing is that the visa is usable across the 12 countries participating in this program. Bad thing is that the visa is usually valid only for 6 months with a max of 90 days usage. Usually you get your visa within 10 business days. I got mine in 7.
  8. mynewlife

    mynewlife Registered Users (C)

    Switzerland does not need VISA if you have a GC


    No visa is required for foreigners who have a valid U.S. green card (Permanent Resident Card, form I-551) and a valid national passport for tourism, visits, business or medical treatment for a stay up to 90 days. Both documents (passport and green card) must be valid at least three months after leaving Swiss territory. Please note that the passport stamp "processed for I-551" is not considered a green card and that general visa requirements would apply in that case.

    Source: http://www.traveldocs.com/ch/er.htm

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