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Waiver based on persecution

Discussion in 'J-1 Home Residency Requirement' started by drrhn, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. drrhn

    drrhn Registered Users (C)

    Hello Experts ,

    I am a resident in an internal medicine training program, in a preliminary year, its a one year program. I am on J1 clinical. I want to continue searching for a 2nd year spot in internal medicine in USA. My country of origin now is living something like huge protests and extreme violence and is totally unsafe.
    Is it possible in my case that I apply for a waiver of the 2 years HRR based on persecution that may occur if I returned back to my country and then search for a 2nd year position after I get this waiver ?
    and yes if I got an approval, the 2nd year position should be strictly a H1B and definitly impossible to be J1 again, right ??


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