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USCIS (vermont center)

Discussion in 'General J Visa and Related Issues' started by anaorti, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. anaorti

    anaorti Registered Users (C)

    ok, i finally could talk to an immigration officer and they gave me my receipt number...DOS sent them the favorable recommendation for the J1 waiver on May 31st and I haven't got anything from them yet.

    The worst thing is that now they are still processing cases from September 2006!!! so they told me that the minimum wait to get my final waiver would be around 6 months!!!

  2. lakksh

    lakksh Registered Users (C)

    I think its not true. When you look at the USCIS processing times, it says sept 2006. However these J-1 waivers have different backgrounds other the NOC, like hardship, ec....

    U must try calling them again and try to speak to some other people.

    See the forum most of them got response in 2 weeks - 12 weeks
  3. Rose_uw

    Rose_uw Registered Users (C)

    I agree with lakksh. 6 months sounds too long for waiver based on no objection statement. At least I hope they gave you wrong information as I'm waiting for the final decision as well.
  4. sauravguha

    sauravguha Registered Users (C)

    The processing time at Vermont service center is not for NOC J1 waiver, it is for hardship case. In the list they dont have any processing time for NOC J1 and I have received the final decision from USCIS within 16 days after receiving favorable recommendation from DOS.
  5. bm2001

    bm2001 New Member

    uscis action notice

    in my case, DOS sent favorable recommendation on August 3rd. USCIS processed the case and sent notice of approval of waiver on August 13th and I got it on August 21st.

    I am from chennai, India and my time lime in getting the waiver

    March 2007 - sent the documents to my parents who in turn mailed it/ submitted it to the authorities in Delhi, Regional passport office in chennai and secretariat (home dept of state - tamil nadu)

    April 2007 - regional passport office, chennai sent the clearance to indian consulate in new york. i did not know about this till june 2007 when i followed up a few times with the indian consulate in new york.

    May 2007 - got clearance from MHRD, delhi

    June 2007 - got clearance from home dept of state

    June 2007 - mailed my clearances (only the two i had from Delhi and home dept of state) to indian consulate in nyc

    July 2007 - indian consulate mailed the NORI to indian embassy and they forwarded it to DOS

    July 2007 - filled the DOS forms online and sent documents, fee etc. my case appeared on the DOS site within 10 days

    August 2007 - First week of August 2007, DOS updates the site saying they received clearance from indian embassy.

    August 2007 - within 3 days they mail out the letter to USCIS

    August 2007 - in 10 days, USCIS approves the petition and sends I-797 approval notice

    Finally on August 21st I get the approval notice! it took me more than 6 months to get it.

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