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USCIS Office Numbers

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by bashar82, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. bashar82

    bashar82 Registered Users (C)

    Here’s a list of direct numbers for USCIS field offices. I’m not sure what all the abbreviations for a persons title means. Also, I’m not sure how up to date these numbers are. Hope you guys find the information helpful.

    Office Contact Title Phone Number
    Atlanta Dwight Faulkner SRIE (404) 331-2781
    Dallas Debra Dunkan-Abreo IE (214) 767-6353
    Oklahoma City Larry Dydek SIE (405) 231-5943
    El Paso Joseph Grillo SIE (915) 534-6387
    Albuquerque Jamie Collier IE (505) 766-2590
    Harlingen Barbara Avery SIE (512) 427-8594
    Houston Joseph Gallipeau ADDE (713) 847-4826
    Miami Mariano Faget SRIE (305) 536-4920
    Jacksonville Thomas Ward AOIC (904) 791-2039
    Tampa Bidd Burton SIE (813) 228-2165
    New Orleans Slyvia Ryan IE (504) 589-6529
    Louisville Bruce Firkey SIE (502) 582-8380
    Memphis Diane Campbell SIE (901) 521-4155
    San Antonio Ralph Traslavina SIE (512) 229-6243
    Los Angeles John Tu IE (213) 894-2101
    San Francisco David Still DADDE (415) 705-4528
    San Jose Richard Brown IE (408) 291-7027
    Sacramento Sharon Hudson IE (916) 551-2793
    Phoenix Karen Dorman IE (602) 261-6666
    Tucson William Johnston OIC (602) 670-6354
    San Diego LAuren Mack IE (619) 556-6064
    Anchorage Gregory Stanley DO (907) 271-4517
    Chicago Shirley Roberts ADDE (312) 886-0600
    Cleveland Denise Garrett SIE (216) 522-4777
    Denver Jack Hartsock SRIE (303) 844-4569
    Detroit Della Black SDO (313) 226-3276
    Helena Bruce Alland SII (406) 449-5220
    Kansas City Mark Mason IE (816) 891-8352
    Omaha Ralph Lease ADDE (406) 221-3716
    Portland OR Jerry Uhde ADDE (503) 326-5266
    St. Paul Dean Hove ADDE (612) 725-3456
    Seattle Richard Smith DD (206) 442-5950
    Cincinnati Patrick Elersic OIC (513) 684-2412
    Indianapolis Don Ferguson AOIC (317) 226-6226
    Milwaukee Ronald Swan OIC (414) 297-3565
    Salt Lake City Allan Speirs SIE (801) 524-6509
    St. Louis Geraldine Frison IE (314) 425-4532
    Spokane Russell Manchester OIC (509) 353-2758
    Baltimore Linda Fuller ADDE (301) 859-0920
    Boston Steve Farquerson ADDE (617) 565-3106
    Buffalo Jack Bulger ADDE (716) 846-4740
    Newark John Lonergan ADDE (201) 645-2437
    New York Maryanne Gantner ADDE (212) 264-5891
    Philadelphia (215) 597-8308
    Portland ME Gene Quellette ADDE (207) 597-3444
    San Juan Robert Bowles ADDE (809) 753-5429
    Washington DC Phyllis Howard DO (703) 285-6030
    Albany Gary Hale OIC (518) 472-7140
    Hartford John Weiss OIC (203) 722-3052
    Pittsburgh George Hess OIC (412) 644-3360
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  2. 4Jasmin

    4Jasmin Registered Users (C)

    Great Job Bashar, thank you very much for your effort, however, it seem that most of the numbers has been disconnected or no longer in service! I think that most of the name are correct though, because I know the name of the head of my DO is correct, but the number is not working.

    Oh by the way, OIC is officer-in-charge, that's the only one I know lol :)

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  3. Suzy977

    Suzy977 Banned

    And "DD" (as in Seattle, WA) stands for Dumb & Dumber??? :D :D
  4. foreverafter

    foreverafter Registered Users (C)

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  5. DOL

    DOL New Member

    Hawaii phone number wrong

    For hawaii - do not call the number It's wrong.

    My phone number was listed and. I am not associated with cis or immigration. Please do not call me for immigration information. This listing is wrong for hawaii. Please call the general # or go directly to the office but please stop calling me. I receive 100's of calls and cannot manage them nor get my # off this list.


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  6. sanjoseaug20

    sanjoseaug20 Registered Users (C)

    Moderators: Can the hawaii number be edited out?
  7. IPL-fan

    IPL-fan Registered Users (C)

    alerted moderators to fix the number...... let us see.
  8. manoynmonic

    manoynmonic New Member

    Seattle number is disconnected too. Also, I'm fairly certain that DD stands for District Director.

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