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US Passport Timeline

Discussion in 'Life After Citizenship' started by gopackgo, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. gopackgo

    gopackgo Registered Users (C)


    Does anyone have an idea about current/recent US passport application timelines. I applied for mine in the Houston area on March 20 and it is still does not even show up in the online system.:(

    The State dept did cash my checks fairly quickly though :mad:
  2. pologuys

    pologuys Registered Users (C)

    I applied mine (routine process) in Philadelphia area on March 19. No status online and my check got cashed in 2 days.

    Looks like it takes 4-6 weeks for routine process and 2-3 weeks for expedited process.
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  3. brewerFan

    brewerFan Registered Users (C)

  4. Mr Vertigo

    Mr Vertigo Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for those links, they're very interesting. Finally some logic behind the crazy delays, though I see nothing logical in "fixing" what isn't broken right before the busiest travel season.
  5. rameshuim

    rameshuim New Member

    Passport timeline

    I applied in DC 1111 19th St NW on Saturday and got the passport by overnight today (Tuesday). There was some confusion about expedite fees, which were supposed to be waived on Sat (Passport day - March 28). However, apparently its only waived if you don't really need it expedited (or something as confusing as that). Anyway, I paid $60 extra and got it in the mail today.

    3/28/09 Applied
    3/31/09 Received passport
  6. Mr Vertigo

    Mr Vertigo Registered Users (C)

    Digging around that link that brewerFan provided earlier (thanks again!), I found some valuable information. Please see here for some very valuable tips regarding US passports and any delays. They have direct numbers to every single passport agency where you can call to check your application status bypassing the rather useless State Department hot-line (which reminds me of the USCIS hot-line...)

    I'll post those numbers here, just in case somebody doesn't have the patience to go through that rather lengthy post on the link:

  7. dms1

    dms1 Registered Users (C)

    I applied for my passport through the Post Office with expedited service and overnight delivery on 3/23 and received it on 1/4. I've not received the passport card or my naturalization certificate back yet.
  8. Mr Vertigo

    Mr Vertigo Registered Users (C)

    Hm, that's pretty quick. Yesterday I upgraded my application to "expedited" and we'll see what happens. My trip is in 1 week.
  9. cregan

    cregan Registered Users (C)

    Mr Vertigo, hope you get it soon. I had to say hello, it's been too since last time
  10. Mr Vertigo

    Mr Vertigo Registered Users (C)

    It's all a matter of luck at this point. I have this feeling that I'll get it a day or two after I miss my trip... just when I thought I was done with mediocre service. Thanks for the words of encouragement cregan.
  11. pologuys

    pologuys Registered Users (C)

    Did they give you any updated time line to expect through expedited process, since you have already waited?

    Good Luck to get it soon so that you can make the trip.
  12. Mr Vertigo

    Mr Vertigo Registered Users (C)

    Nope, nothing. Wouldn't even go as far as to say that it'll be here on time. Just "we'll try our best..."

    Thanks a lot.
  13. harvydonald

    harvydonald Registered Users (C)

    I heard in the news, that they expect it to go longer than two months in summer of 2009
  14. MagnaHoy

    MagnaHoy Registered Users (C)

    Different links to check passport status

    This link does not work

    This link DOES work

    Looks like its taking 6 weeks minimum to get it. Of course for us veterans of many years of waiting before INS/CIS, 6 weeks is merely a drop in the ocean :)
  15. natur08

    natur08 Registered Users (C)

    This is very interesting. The link worked for me as well once I made sure to use https://

    I tried to type in my information, since I applied for a passport card on 2/19 and could never track the status (nor did I ever receive any status update e-mails). I did receive my card on 3/12.

    Here is the fun part. The system came up with the following response:

    Thank you for submitting your application for a U.S. passport card!
    Please Note: The U.S. Passport Card is not valid for international air travel.
    Your passport application is in the final processing stages.
    Your passport application locator number is ***.
    When you applied, you requested Routine Service.
    This means you should receive your passport on or about 04/11/2009.
  16. Mr Vertigo

    Mr Vertigo Registered Users (C)

    Hey, thanks for that link!

    Here's what it says for me:

    It's 04/02/2009 and no sign of it yet.
  17. dms1

    dms1 Registered Users (C)

    I get the same message, but with a date of 4/5. However I got my passport yesterday, so I wouldn't put too much faith in the online status.
  18. Mr Vertigo

    Mr Vertigo Registered Users (C)

    Oh yeah, it seems pretty useless. I called today and after a 30 minute wait got to talk to a live person. I was basically told what I've been told for around 2 weeks now: "It's processing." I have an appointment of April 6th at my local passport agency and hopefully they'll issue me one of those one day passports.
  19. pologuys

    pologuys Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the link and updates.

    I get the same message, but with the date of 4/8.

    In an afternoon call today, CSR told me to wait 4 to 6 weeks. Did not give any other update.
  20. dms1

    dms1 Registered Users (C)

    I received the passport card and naturalization certificate today in two separate mailing. Both were sent normal first class. I guess they only apply the overnight option to the passport itself since that is the one that you really need.

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