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US Passport Application - Mother's Maiden Name

Discussion in 'Passports' started by koblu, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. koblu

    koblu Registered Users (C)

    For those filling out DS-11 form, in Section 10 - Parents’ Information, it asks for the Mother’s Name - First & Middle and Last (Maiden). For people with Indian parents (where wife uses husbands name as the middle name), what is to be filled ?

    For example, if the Mother's maiden name were Aishwarya Anand Rai and married name were Aishwarya Abhishek Bachchan, what should be filled in Section 10 ?

    First & Middle Last (Maiden)
    Aishwarya Anand Rai
    Aishwarya Abhishek Rai
    Aishwarya Abhishek Bachchan

    Another question - does this actually appear on the US Passport ?
  2. Cl_Asylee

    Cl_Asylee Registered Users (C)

    Also, it is necessary to write the parents' birth date on the DS-11 (Passport Application form)?
  3. mxc

    mxc Registered Users (C)

    It is Aishwarya Abishek Rai. I had a similar issue but even worse. My mother's name was A.BBBBBBB at birth. Her name changed to XXXXXX YYYYY upon marriage. But she used her name as C.XXXXXX YYYYY as it common in south India to initialize husband's or dad's first name. Her Indian passport has XXXXXX YYYYY as given name and CCCCC as last name. I just put my mother's first name as XXXXXX, middle name as YYYYY and last (maiden) name as CCCCC in the DS11. The person at the post office saw her last name was also my last name (and my dad's last name even though it is technically his first name) and aksed if CCCCC was really her maiden last name. I told her my mother did not have a maiden last name and she didn't say anything further. As far as I know it does not show in the passport any where.

    To make the matters worse when I got the SS card the first time 12 years ago when I came to this country I put my mother's first name as C.XXXXXX and last name as YYYYY. I went to the SSA office to update the citizenship status on my SS record and in the application enetered XXXXXX as first, YYYYY as middle and CCCCC as last name for my mother and she said it is different in the records. I just told her it is all the same name and she didn't ask any further.

    This whole first, middle, last name thing is so confusing for people from south India. Various records show various things, we just can't be consistent and it is like ghost haunting us everytime it comes up:mad:
  4. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    When they ask for the maiden name, you enter the surname.

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