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US Citizen wants to marry Mexican Girl

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by sweet-tx, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. sweet-tx

    sweet-tx New Member

    I am a US citizen.I want to marry a Mexican Girl.
    1) Do I have to use a lawyer to file my paperwork..???
    2)Can I do it on my own..?? 3)Where do I go..?? the US Embassy
    in Matamoros,Mexico or the USA Immigration office..????
  2. sarrebal

    sarrebal Registered Users (C)

    No problem with that.
    A lawyer is not required by law, of course. It's your call and it depends on your confidence about properly filing paperworks.

    I suppose the future wife is in Mexico, and has no pending issues with USCIS, right?

    Best and correct way to do it is sponsoring her for a fiancee visa (petition I-129F). She will process it at the nearest US Consulate in Mexico.
    Once she obtains the visa, she can enter the US and must marry you within 90 days.
    Then she could file for Adjustment of Status for her green card.
  3. Addie_Goodvibes

    Addie_Goodvibes Registered Users (C)

    If your future wife ( intending immigrant) is Not in the USA illegally then you should be fine & can file yourself. If intending immigrant entered country illegally, she would first have to return to mexico and await Fiance Visa.
    If she is in Mexico you need to file a Fiance Visa Petition, then once approved she will enter the USA you will have 90 days to marry her and then will she will File I-485 Adjustment of status, application for legal Permanant resident.

    If she entered country through legal means Inspection ect.. you should have a farily easy case as long as you can establish bona fida legit marriage.

    Good Luck

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  4. krona12345

    krona12345 Registered Users (C)

    Some Extra information

    If she

    Came to America with a proper visa but overstay she should be able to apply for a greencard without going back to Mexico

    If she

    Came to America without proper inspection (Visa) then she can not adjust her status inside of the US.

    The law tell her that she must apply from the outside of the US. The problem is that one she goes out of the country she will be bar from entering the US for 10 years(iIf she is inside of the country with visa).
  5. krona12345

    krona12345 Registered Users (C)


    my last frase i meant

    "Without proper visa"
  6. jonty

    jonty Registered Users (C)


    It is absolutely up to you if you want to hire an attorney to prepare and file the paperwork on your behalf. But it is always a better way to deal with these matters.

    If your fiancee is stil in Mexico then you need to file the Fiancee visa petition on her behalf. Make sure that you have met her at least once in the last two years and have the evidences to support that fact.. like joint snaps of two of you in it with the time and date stamp. You file it with the G-325A forms for each of you at the Service Center of the USCIS under whose jurisdiction you fall.
  7. Ken27

    Ken27 Registered Users (C)

    Can they get married in Mexico, and then file directly through a US Consulate in Mexico?

    Fortunately for you, if she is here illegally, it is easy to get back to Mexico. I have seen too many horror stories of people getting caught entering illegally and getting that 10 year ban. Be very careful.
  8. chloeguo

    chloeguo Registered Users (C)

    Where do you want to get married?
    1. if in the US. apply for K1 visa (fiancee visa) by filing I129
    2. if in Mexico, apply for K3 visa (spouse visa) after getting married by filing I 129 and I130.

    If she's never illegally entered US before, getting an attorney is not a must. You can file everything by yourself.

    Check out www.visajourney.com. it's a site that focuses on bringing fiancee or spouse to america.

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