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Unva students---->"limbo state"

Discussion in 'UNVA ( University of Northern VA) Students' started by Mohan420, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Mohan420

    Mohan420 New Member

    UNVA students are in deep trouble and those who are going to complete their master by this quarter i.e Sept,2011 are in LIMBO state.None of the university body or SEVP Dept assured student that they can file OPT after successful completion of major on September,2011.Majority of the students are awaiting for clarification on this matter.

    If any one has clear picture of this scenario/suggestions please speak up....
  2. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    If the SEVP approval of UNVA is gone, any I-20 they issued would be invalid, and that in turn invalidates the F1. Without a valid F1, no OPT.
    ICE has notified UNVA of its intent to withdraw UNVA's SEVP approval. UNVA has 30 days to appeal, and then it would go the normal legal route which can take months (unless, like in the TVU case, the institution chooses not to appeal.)
    As of right now, UNVA's SEVP approval has been suspended, and UNVA doesn't have access to SEVP, so they can not even file the paperwork for any OPT. I expect that to stay that way if UNVA files an appeal, until there is a ruling.
    When the withdrawal of the SEVP approval becomes final, all I-20s issued by UNVA would become invalid, so the F1s would become invalid, and there is no OPT without a valid F1.

    But of course, the larger question is why, after TVU, anybody was still attending UNVA. UNVA was/is a diploma mill similar to TUV, so it was to be expected that they would get raided eventually. In fact, I had created a Google Alert to get news of a raid quickly...
    Further, what did you intend to do with the degree? For an H1, for example, you would need a degree from an accredited university. Since UNVA isn't accredited, their "degree" is worthless and can pretty much only be used as toilet paper. You seem to have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket if you paid thousands of dollars for a piece of toilet paper...

    If I were you, I would make plans to leave the country soon... Otherwise, you'd end up throwing good money after bad.
    Consider this a lesson learn the hard way, and make sure that from now on you do absolutely everything by the book.
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  3. Mohan420

    Mohan420 New Member

    Hi Jo1234,
    Thanks for detail explanation.I appreciate your suggestion "If I were you, I would make plans to leave the country soon... Otherwise, you'd end up throwing good money after bad."
  4. rndreu

    rndreu New Member

    Does anyone know If UNVA students who already are in OPT and want to work on this program. We don't know yet what would happen, If any of you have opinoions or facts please make some suggestions....
  5. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    When UNVA's SEVP approval is revoked, which is likely to happen by the end of August (30 days after ICE gave the notice of intent to revoke the SEVP approval, i.e., 30 days after the raid), all F1s from UNVA and with it all OPT would become invalid.
  6. stranger5

    stranger5 New Member

    Please ans these questions
    1. I changed my status from H4 to F1 and joined UNVA. Now I want to change my status back to H4. which is better option for me to change status within USA or go back to India and get H4 stamping. Do I need any documents from university to change my status.
    2. Should I wait until ICE takes decision on university or I should apply for change of status immediately.
    3. Will I be out of status once the university shutdowns if I wait for the decision.
  7. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    Changing status in the US should be ok, as long as ICE hasn't formally revoked UNVA's SEVP approval. You may still get a query from ICE, since your name will show up in the documents they seized in the raid.
    Don't wait until ICE revokes UNVA's SEVP approval. It is much better to act now, while you are still legal. And you stay legal while the COS is pending.
    Actually, that's the big difference to the TVU case: you guys are still legal. So, take the opportunity and get out of there, and file a COS ASAP, as long as it is still possible.
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  8. stranger5

    stranger5 New Member

    If I want to go to India and get my H4 stamping do I need any documents from university (like early withdraw from studies). Is this effects my H4 stamping.
  9. harshashri.sri

    harshashri.sri Registered Users (C)

    @stranger: I think u don't require.
    As all Tri-valley univ students who were on H4 have done this successfully went to India & got stamped H4 onceagin.
    Atleast from now onwards try to avoid short cuts as said by JO1234 it will never work in USA. In india & in A.P it will work.
    Try to open all Herguan, ITU, CA Takshshila, Silicon valley, SSU ...... students don't ruin ur carrier by joining in cheap colleges. Those degress are waste and it used for only Toilet paper. Get a proer Degree first & then think of a job afterwards in OPT or H1.
  10. stranger5

    stranger5 New Member

    I am UNVA student, planning to go to India and get H4 stamping. (I am leaving next week). can any one please send me list of documents.
  11. simmy123

    simmy123 New Member

    I am a UNVA student. I have applied for H4 status. I received only Receipt number. I applied for withdrawl at UNVA. I sent all the necessary forms for withdrawing my admission. Also informed SEVIS that I have applied for H4 status and I want to withdraw from UNVA. At that point neither SEVIS nor UNVA informed me that I can not withdraw from university until I received my h4 visa approval. Now they are saying that till I get my h4 visa approval, I have to continue at UNVA or transfer to a different university. Please help me regarding this issue.
  12. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    Who is saying that? UNVA, or SEVIS?
    My understanding is that you are legal while the COS to H4 is pending. And the requirement is that the COS has to be filed while you were still in valid F1 status. If that is fulfilled, you should be fine with the COS to H4.
  13. simmy123

    simmy123 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. UNVA and SEVIS both are saying that I have to attend classes or transfer to different university till I get approval for h4 status.(I got to know this news through my friend at UNVA today, I did not speak personally with anyone). They did not tell this thing before. I want to know that is this a law that F1 student has to attend classes till the approval of H4 visa.
    My point is that I can attend classes this quarter. But there is no guaantee that h4 will be approved by the end of september (end of summer semester). Then I would have to register for next quarter. I already wasted so much money.
    Please share your knowledge related to this issue.
  14. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    Then you don't know it.
    Don't rely on what somebody got told by somebody.
    This looks more as if UNVA wants to extract more money from the students before they go under, and they are using scare tactics for that.

    Not to my knowledge. Per the law, you are legal while the COS is pending, no need to keep the previous status active.
    But of course, if you want to be really sure, you should discuss your case with an immigration lawyer.
  15. pvarma2011

    pvarma2011 New Member

    facing trouble with Vaild H4 visa because of UNVA and Vision Career Consultants



    I’m was having a validH4 visa stamped untill may 2013. I was with with UNVA in my past for one semister ( had not availed there CPT services at all).I got this Change of status processing from h1 to F1 done through Vision Career Consultants based in Iselin Nj.They got raided and in the recent years UNVA also got raided.

    I came to India in Oct 2012 for vacation and was going to leave back,while at the airport the airline official had told me that the Department of Homeland security had asked us not to accept you.When I called the Department of state in US ,they said that my visa had been cancelled.Now I’m cofused and dont know what to do next. I’m sure it is becuase of Vision career consultants that my visa go cancelled.

    My husband works in a reputed company over there ,his paperwork is all fine,will I be able to get a visa back or Do you think I will face problems with this visa if I reapply for it?

    Your response will be of real help for me.

  16. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    I really don't get why you didn't learn from the experience with Vision Career.
    Why in the world, after seeing them raided, did you go to another fraud???
    What were you thinking???
    If your husband works for a "reputed company", why didn't he tell to to avoid such frauds???
    It looks as if your husband works for a similar fraud. Anybody working for a reputed company would have told you to avoid frauds like Vision and UNVA.
    You will have lots and lots of problems.
  17. Dhanptl

    Dhanptl New Member

    Hi P Varma

    Who signed Affidavit of support for you ? Did Dhiren Parikh signed i-134 for you ?

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