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Unpaid Medical bill / Green card

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Jeffy14, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Jeffy14

    Jeffy14 Registered Users (C)

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  2. NuvF

    NuvF Member

    how long ago was this? statutes of limitations may apply if loooong time ago (7-10 yrs)

    Felony 'convictions' are the worst to fear. This is nothing even if convicted (which rarely happen)
    Did you have a social security number? I bet you did. If so your cr history may be tainted, but that per se do not affect immigration.

  3. Jeffy14

    Jeffy14 Registered Users (C)

    It was only a few years ago.
    Yes I have a social scurity number but I never had credit history because never had a credit card or anything.
    Even if they sued me? it's not considred being charged ?
  4. NuvF

    NuvF Member

    If you had a SS# you should have a cr report in your name. Not necessary to have a Cr card for it.
    If bills were not paid, that will be in your cr report, possibly.
    As I said bad cr report per se do not affect any US visa application.

    This place is where those in US can get their free cr report https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp
    But you may not be able to use it. call/email those 3 cr bureaus and see how you can get a copy of your cr report file.

  5. Jeffy14

    Jeffy14 Registered Users (C)

    thx a lot fgor your help!
    I checked already but I cant get a credit report ....
    My bank told me I had none either because I never had a credit card.
    Thx anyway:!
  6. bentlebee

    bentlebee Registered Users (C)

    Even if you didn't had a credit report...When you move to the US with your greencard...the Hospital might have sold your judgment and a collecting agency might come after you...The longer you wait the higher the amount will be. You can better try to strike a deal and try to get the amount sliced in half....
  7. Jeffy14

    Jeffy14 Registered Users (C)

    OK thx a lot!
    but being sued by the hospital does not interfer with the GC application?
    I'll contact them to see, it's really not a big debt...
    Is being sued for a debt considered a charge ? then should I say yes to the question: Have you ever been charged, arrested, convicted of a any offense or crime ?

    thx again!

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