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unclear fingerprint rejected by FBI - what to do ?

Discussion in 'Canada - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving ' started by spt, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. spt

    spt Registered Users (C)


     I have a situation - my wife\'s fingerprint was rejected two times by fbi because they were not classifiable. Does anyone know any other options to get the police clearance ? Unfortunately, buffalo customer service phone number is also not available for services. Please help.

  2. ashome

    ashome New Member

    Same problem.

    My wife has the same problem. She is going to try and get it done from the U.S. Consulate.
  3. sai21

    sai21 Registered Users (C)

    When you send finger printing to FBI at viginia. Did you enclosed self addresed stamped envelope for

    When you send finger printing to FBI at virginia. Did you enclosed self addresed stamped envelope for return of Police clearence certificate.

    Please reply.
  4. inders99

    inders99 Registered Users (C)


    one of my friend had Send Finger Print Cards to FBI two times and both the time they were rejected and they wrote that they can not be classifiable so 3rd time he went to Local Police station with FBI cards they charged some fees and Finger printed him and last time also FBI got it rejected but they wrote that CAnada Security agencies should do it , So he sent all the Returnrd FBI card and LLetter to Consulate, no Objection from Canada Consulate, he Got LP
  5. spt

    spt Registered Users (C)

    No need to send return envelope

     You need not send return envelope for getting police certificate back.
  6. oops123

    oops123 Registered Users (C)

    Resubmit it

    We had the same problem. We resubmitted the fingerprints after getting them processed at the local police station. FBI had mentioned in their letter that they would not charge the fees again.

    We got the results of the new fingerprints later.
    Hope this helps.
    UK Atl, GA
  7. Rao Kandukuri

    Rao Kandukuri Registered Users (C)

    repeat the process

    Reg. US GC, the same thing happened to one of my friend. At fourth time thr' INS, MA he got a personal interview and fianlly succeeded. If sounds that obtaining police clearance thr' FBI is becoming harder now-a-days.

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