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U.S. Naturalisation process issue

Discussion in 'Texas Service Center - F-Visa Issues' started by mab24, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. mab24

    mab24 New Member

    Hello everyone.
    My case is bit confusing.
    Okay so I moved to U.S. (Texas) in August 2010 and am permanent resident of United States. I am planing to apply for naturalization but I have few questions regarding this naturalisation process.

    My first trip out of U.S. was in may 2014 and that trip lasted 3-4 weeks. (I got married in my country did not consumed my marriage)
    My second trip was in May 2015 and that trip lasted almost 5 months (we had bigger wedding function and consumed our marriage. I stayed there for 4 months with my husband then my husband and I moved to United kingdom. I stayed in United Kingdom for 3 weeks and traveled back to U.S. where my family lives.)
    My third trip was in Oct 2015 that lasted 5 months 15 days (stayed with my husband in U.K. since he cannot come to U.S.)
    My all trips were under 6 months.
    And now I'm back in U.S. my questions are:
    1. Can i apply N400 application right now or do i have to wait 3 months in-state/district time period since I stayed past 5 months in U.K.?

    2. I worked part time in U.K. and I'm currently on leave so does it affect my N400 application? Does working part time outside gonna be a negative point on my application? ( living in U.K is very expensive, so I had to work. My husband still works in U.K.)
    Kindly help me with my questions.
    Your responses and help will be appreciated a lot :)
    Thanks in advance.

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