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Travel to Canada with Citizenship Certificate?

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by r00724, May 8, 2008.

  1. r00724

    r00724 Registered Users (C)


    My family is planning to travel to Canada on memorial day weekend. They should probablly get their passport before that but just in case, can they travel to Canada with the citizenship certificate?
  2. warlord

    warlord Registered Users (C)

    Though a few have actually had success in the past doing this method, now days it's pretty much a big risk and you are seriously risking issues comming back into the US, let alone even getting into Canada with that. You need to check the INS websites for Canada and the US to see what constitutes as proper ID to get across both borders.

    If you are flying they will not even let you board without a passport. Driving you can do it without a passport, but doubtful just the Nat Cert will do it, you'll probably need photo ID's and other documents and not to mention a lot of extra time in secondary inspection...
  3. LolaLi

    LolaLi Active Member

    Hey Bro -

    Yes they can travel to Canada with the certificate, provided they are going by land. It is listed as one of the acceptable proof of citizenships on both the CBP and CBSA web sites. I would however, recommend they expedite their passport applications and use those instead. If you have any lingering uncertainties, you can call both agencies and speak to a live officer on either the US or Canadian side.

    I would hate to have something happen to the certificates such as get a tear through mishandling, mutilation, loss, etc. All this will result in a need to apply for a new one at almost $600. On a side note, have your family members make certified copies of the certificates as a back up, as well as regular copies for safe keeping. A certified copy can also be used to re-enter the USA at land ports with a valid government issued ID.
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  4. r00724

    r00724 Registered Users (C)

    They are driving and have all the valid IDs n everything. Just the nat cert. which is in question
  5. Huracan

    Huracan Registered Users (C)

    In theory the naturalization certificate is good for land crossing. i am not sure whether the Canadians would let them in, that's another question, but it is very likely they will let them in. I posted some extra info in another thread with links to more information you might want to search for that.

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