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Travel out of country when EAD has NOT been approved

Discussion in 'General F Visa and Related Issues' started by ammukher, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. ammukher

    ammukher New Member


    I have applied for EAD after completion of my degree as F1 student on April 25th. The status on the USCIS website is currently showing "Initial Review" (Its about 40 days now since I have applied).

    I have some urgent matter to address at home in India. Would it be OK to travel outside the country at this stage. Please advice as soon as possible because I will have to decide urgently.


  2. Dr.Mitchel

    Dr.Mitchel Registered Users (C)

    does anybody have an idea how long approval of EAD takes at Nebraska service center? I am (or was) F-1, got my notice on June 29 2009, check was cashed July 1st, "case is received and pending".
    I had an offer enclosed with the application and still waiting. Immigration counselor at my Uni didn't submit it as expedited, saying there is no starting date on the offer. The company which wants to employ me is saying: it's against their policy to include the date.... like a vicious circle!
  3. spmishraiitkgp

    spmishraiitkgp New Member

    Same situation !!

    I have the same situation. I applied for EAD (case pending - Request for Evidence as of today 12th Aug, I applied on May 13th). I am in India right now. I would like to know, if I can enter US (I have the notice of action, job offer).

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