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travel abroad before oath ceremony

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by karajan1, May 19, 2012.

  1. karajan1

    karajan1 Registered Users (C)

    I went to Bermuda between 5/11/2012 and 5/15/2012, and my oath date is 5/31/2012. I checked other threads and I am aware that it's OK as long as it does not affect the continuation of stay. With this five day trip, I am not affected at all. But, I did not see anyone telling us how they can determine at the oath day whether I could still go ahead to take the oath or not. I guess they can check the stamps on my passport, but the problem this time is that the entry date on the stamp is not shown clearly due to lack of ink. I did not realize it until now. Will there be any problem? Can anyone tell me how they are going to determine my qualification? Thank you!
  2. madh4

    madh4 Registered Users (C)

    Take with you whatever proof you have of the trip - tickets/ vouchers/email etc along with your passport.
  3. baikal3

    baikal3 Registered Users (C)

    Typically they just take it in faith that the travel dates provided by the applicant are accurate. Moreover, in your case your interview was on April 24 and your oath is on May 31, slightly over a month later. Even if you had spent that entire month abroad, that would not be enough to create a problem with continuous residency. So I think it is rather unlikely that you'll face any detailed questions about that trip. Bring your passport and, if you have them, copies of your tickets/itinerary - but I rather doubt that you'll be asked for any info beyond the dates of the trip.
  4. karajan1

    karajan1 Registered Users (C)

    Got it! Thank you!

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