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Transit visa for Switzerland through Zurich

Discussion in 'The Physical Green Card' started by registrationid, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. registrationid

    registrationid Registered Users (C)

    I did find other postings, dealing with this area, which are 6 months old. However I need to get the latest experiences or information.
    I have an I-551 stamp of permenant residency on my passport. I am travelling through Zurich this month. The stop-over is for just 4 hrs and I am not going to go out of the airport.
    I called the Swiss consulate in SF and the lady said that I do not transit visa based on my country issuing passport. I then called the consulate in Houston and the lady there said that I would have get the transit visa since Swiss authorities and air crew will not recognize I-551 passport stamp of a proof of permenant residency. She said that the Delta agents or Swiss customs can also prevent me from continuing my journey. I stated that I was on US H1B visa (again the stamp expired 2 yrs ago based on my first 3 yr period and have the 2nd 3 yr period I-129 and I-94 work papers). She replied that Swiss authorities will not consider me as H1B since I have moved on to permenant residency. However only card will be considered as a proof even though, personally, she acknowledged that she considered the stamp as a valid proof.
    Just to get more clarification, I went to the Delta counter at the airport and the lady at the counter looked at the stamp and said that I am a permenant resident and she made a note of it on my reservation.
    So I am 95% sure that I do not need any transit visa. However the answers given by the lady at Swiss consulate in Houston still leaves me doubtful.
    1. Is there anybody who has travelled thru Zurich or Switzerland without transit visa?
    2. In Zurich airport would I have to go through any customs wherein I would have to show the passport?
    3. Is Delta the only set of people who would do the actual verification of visas?
    4. Does the transit area in Zurich aiport have shops and facilities for shopping, dining, personal care?

    Appreciate your responses.

    Used foll. links for info:
  2. waitingforAOS11

    waitingforAOS11 Registered Users (C)

    Well, it depends as US authorities are aware of the stamp, but, not other airlines/authorities.

    Just to give you an example, I was travelling from Dubai to US via London by Emirates. I did have my actual card, but, I did not show my card to the airlines at my boarding pass check-in. The lady said I need a visa for UK, even though I have a stamp, I told her I have the actual card and she insisited on seeing one and the let me go. UK was much more polite, but, same questions asked.

    Usually, it depends on the local authorities. If you are going to Switzerland, I would follow what the Swiss Consulate said. Just my two cents.
  3. Sessanga Charlesa

    Sessanga Charlesa Registered Users (C)

    I also have an I-551 stamp of permenant residency on my passport and i returned back to the US on 12-27-04 via London.This is my personel experience it might be of help.I was told by the consulate that i must get a uk transit visa since I only have I-155 temporary evidence for lawful permanent residence.However if i had the actual greencard i was not required to petition for a UK transit visa.
  4. Sessanga Charlesa

    Sessanga Charlesa Registered Users (C)

    This will be of great help i got it from the swiss website


    This information is valid for U.S. residents only
    If you live in another country, please go here.

    U.S. Green Card Holders:

    No visa is required for foreigners who have a valid U.S. green card (Permanent Resident Card, form I-551) and a valid national passport for tourism, visits, business or medical treatment for a stay up to 90 days. Both documents (passport and green card) must be valid at least three months after leaving Swiss territory.
    Please note that the passport stamp "processed for I-551" is not considered a green card and that general visa requirements would apply in that case.

    Visa requirements for Refugees holding a blue Refugee Travel Document or a new green BCIS-issued "Refugee Travel Document" (Form I-571):

    A visa is required in all circumstances (tourism, visit, business, transit through an airport, work, study). This rule also applies to Green Card Holders.

    Please note: Switzerland does not accept and recognize the white "Permit to Reenter the United States" or the new green BCIS-issued "Permit to Reenter" (Form I-327).

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