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Transit Visa At Paris Airport

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by BanglaBabu, May 15, 2005.

  1. BanglaBabu

    BanglaBabu Registered Users (C)


    We have booked tickets to Visit India and will be having layover at Paris. I have AP and our Status is 485 Pending. The website of French Consulate, says you got to have a) A valid visa on Passport b) a Confirmed Return Ticket, in order to avoid the Transit Visa. Now, we have AP which is kind of a Visa to reenter USA but not on Passport and offcourse we have a Confirmed Return Ticket. DO WE STILL NET TO APPLY FOR A TRANSIT VISA FOR PARIS (Our stay in Paris is for 6 Hrs Max)

    Appreciate Replies.

    Bangla Babu,
  2. SKumarD

    SKumarD Registered Users (C)

    Yes, you need one if you are on AP

    Yes you need one. I and my wife recently travelled to India on AP and we needed an Airportside transit visa eventhough we did not even get out of the airplane.
  3. BanglaBabu

    BanglaBabu Registered Users (C)

    From French Consulate Wbsite :-

    What is an airport transit visa ?

    With an airport transit visa you are only allowed to remain in the international zone of the airport, but not to go through immigration control.

    This visa may be required when you are travelling from the United States to a non Schengen State, through France.

    The airport transit visa is issued by the consulate of the country where the transit airport is located.

    If the arrival and the departure take place in 2 different airports (Paris-Roissy and Paris-Orly), you need a transit visa (see « short stay visa »).

    Thanks SKumarD...but in our case we are using the same Airport (charels D'G) in paris, do we still need it? Where did you read it that you needed a Transit Visa, before you travelled to India???

    Thanks for Your Reply
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  4. SKumarD

    SKumarD Registered Users (C)

    Checked with French Embassy in Atlanta and also with Air India, the airline that we used to go to India. We were told, as long as you have no valid visa (that means people with expired visas or having AP's), you should take an Airportside transit visa even if you remain in the plane when it stopped over at Paris. Since my wife stayed for an extended period of time (more than 3 months) they gave visa for one way and was required to get the visa for her return trip at Bombay. We remained seated in the plane on both ways and they checked our visas during the return trip.
    Hope this helps,
    Ask if you have any questions
  5. kb_gc

    kb_gc Registered Users (C)

    I emailed French COnsulate. Email and reply is given below.
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My wife an Indian national will be traveling to India via Paris in June 2005 and coming back to USA via Paris in October 2005 after the passport stamped with H4 visa.

    Our Air India flight goes through Paris airport (Newark-Paris-Mumbai and return trip from Mumbai-Paris-Newark). My wife has Indian Passport with an expired H4 Visa and H4 extension approval .

    According to Air India sources, passengers will not be allowed to get down the aircraft while the aircraft is being refueled.

    Does she need France Transit Visa ?YES

    You are exempt from the Airport Transit Visa to go through any french airport if;
    - you have a valid Green Card (the actual card, not an advance parole or an I551) and a layover or stopover of less than 6

    hours in Paris
    - you have a valid USA visa pasted in your passport (notice of action IS NOT a visa) and a layover or stopover of less than 6
    hours in Paris
    If not then you must apply for the Airport Transit Visa. This is the case even if you only intend to remain airside or remain on the

    plane and not pass through French Immigration.
    You may get the visa on the spot (2-3 weeks by mail) if you submit all the

    correct documents and copies.
    See our website for more information, http://www.consulfrance-newyork.org/us/visas/airporttransit.htm
  6. In_durham

    In_durham Registered Users (C)

  7. ba1234

    ba1234 Registered Users (C)


    Do we need transit visa, if PP Stamping completed and waiting for actual card also.
  8. SKumarD

    SKumarD Registered Users (C)

    Atlanta French Embassy is not issuing (anymore) Transit Visas by mail. You (including all the members of the family who need visa) HAVE to be present at the Embassy to get the visa. Visa will be issued not earlier than 24 hours. You (or a person you designate) need to go the next day to get it in person else it will be mailed in 10 business days.
  9. gvrg

    gvrg Registered Users (C)

    My Wife was in Similar Situation and We went to French Consulate in houston on Thursday and obtained the Visa. It was just a 5 minute job but again had to trave lto houston.. We got Visa stamped and returned the Visa to fedex next day. Only French need you to come in person ..for other countries you can just use broker to get it done.
  10. lustra

    lustra Registered Users (C)

    Hi All,

    Is it safe to travel out of country when I485 pending?
    I have given FP with code 3 in last month.What is the status
    (outof country)if 485 approves? Can I comeback with AP?
    I don't have valid visa on my pp.

  11. In_durham

    In_durham Registered Users (C)

    Just out of curiousity - is that a labor substitution? PD 01 -> 485ND 05?
  12. GC-4-All

    GC-4-All Registered Users (C)

    Transit Visa not required according to this French website

    I have been to India and flew thru Paris and Frankfurt back to US in Nov by Air India. I was not asked any kind of visa.
    I'm travelling to India again by AirIndia thru the same route, this weekend.
    Check this link:

    You do not need an airport transit visa unless you are holder of a passport or a refugee travel document issued by one of the following countries:

    Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Bengladesh, Burkina Faso (*), Cameroon (*) Rep.of Congo, Erythrée, Ethiopia, Gambia (*), Ghana, Guinea,(*) Haïti, India (*), Irak, Iran, Ivory Coast (*), Liberia, Libya, Mali (*), Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal (*), Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria(*), and Palestinians holders of a travel document for refugee which has been issued by Egypt, Lebanon or Syria.

    However, no airport transit visa is required if the citizens of the above-mentioned countries have a "refugee travel document", an "alien residency card", or a "permit to reenter" (Form I-327 rev: 06-13-96) issued by the USA, or a permanent visa in either of the countries of the European Union, or a residence permit in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, the Holy See, San Marino, Canada or Japan. This document should authorize you to re-enter the mentioned country without conditions.
    For citizens of the countries followed by the sign (*), the airport transit visa is not required, if they are holders of a valid visa issued by a country of the European Union and EEE (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway Portugal, Spain, The United-Kingdom, and Sweden), Canada, Switzerland and the USA.

    DELAY OF PROCEDURE: The visa can be issued within 2 to 4 weeks when the file is complete and dropped at the appropriate consulate, depending on the place of stay in the USA and destination in the Schengen area. Note that the applicant should apply for the visa and should obtain it in his/her country of residence/stay before traveling.
  13. BanglaBabu

    BanglaBabu Registered Users (C)


    Dear GC-4-All,

    I just got a reply to my email to French Consulate in DC and they said that I have to have Transit Visa.

    See email Below :-

    French Consulate Reply :-

    Dear Sir,

    Since the advance parole is not part of the quote, you do need one.


    My Question to French Consulate :-
    > Dear Visa Officer,
    > We will be travelling to India on Vacation and will be having a 4 hours
    > layover at Charles de Gaulle International Airport . Your website says
    > Airport Transit Visa is not required if :
    > == QUOTE ==
    > 2- Do I need an airport transit visa ?
    > If you hold one of the following documents, you DO NOT NEED an airport
    > transit visa, whatever your nationality :
    > diplomatic passport,
    > service passport,
    > green card,
    > refugee travel document,
    > re-entry permit,
    > == UNQUOTE ==
  14. lustra

    lustra Registered Users (C)

    Not substitution.
  15. taslim ahmed

    taslim ahmed Registered Users (C)

    Can anyone tell me what do I need to do?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have advance parole which will expire at the end of this August, Planning to go to my country. If I take an airlines route which will not touch any European countries, do I still need transit visa in that case?

    I did Special Registration on the very first year, then the annual requirement got suspended. Please, tell me do I still need to leave US through certain Port of Exit? During my departure at the airport what do I need to submit other than I-94? Do I go through immgration at the airport before leaving? Please share some light from those who have experience on this issue. My I-485 is pending, employment-based. Another last question: Is it true that someone must have I-140 approved before leaving USA with Advance Parole.
    Thanks for your feedback. Regards. Taslim
  16. GC-4-All

    GC-4-All Registered Users (C)

    I have called the AIR INDIA office. They said that according to the new Rule, if we are traveling on AP, we do need a transit visa thru Frankfurt or Paris.

    So, I have changed my travel plans. I'm flying NORTHWEST airlines via AMSTERDAM. Where transit visa is not required.
  17. hkkpr

    hkkpr Registered Users (C)

    No Transit Visa Required

    My wife travelled via paris to india this weekend. She was travelling on AP and Her visa was expired. she did not have any problems .though i called Air india on friday and they told me no transit visa required.
  18. BanglaBabu

    BanglaBabu Registered Users (C)


    We are flying by AirFrance. Does that makes any difference. Dont think so. But dont understand why French Consulant are forcing us to have the Airport Transit Visa. And I hope, that's not an Issue while she comes back thru Paris.
  19. tammy2

    tammy2 Registered Users (C)

    You may need transit visa. Passengers on the Air India usually does not change the flight. Check with the Embassy and travel agent.
  20. hkkpr

    hkkpr Registered Users (C)


    Air India makes passengers sit in the plane itself for one and hours in paris.You need transit visa if u r changing flight or getting off the plane during refuel.

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