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Tracking Number

Discussion in 'National Interest Waiver and EB1' started by BMP1980, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. BMP1980

    BMP1980 Registered Users (C)

    What is a tracking Number? And how can track my status using the tracking number?

    Is it possible to track?.My attorney told that my case is filed at Texas centre on 10/10/07 and gave me a tracking number.How can I track it?Pls help me
  2. JerIst

    JerIst Registered Users (C)

  3. per123

    per123 Registered Users (C)

  4. BMP1980

    BMP1980 Registered Users (C)

    my tracking number is not starting with any alphabet.It only contains 12 digit numbers
  5. BMP1980

    BMP1980 Registered Users (C)

    tracking number and application receipt number both are same
  6. JerIst

    JerIst Registered Users (C)

    Go to Fedex.com or USPS.com or UPS.com :)

    Try all of them!

    I think that is what your lawyer gave you! Not the receipt number, but mail tracking number!

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