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Tourist visa for senior citizens

Discussion in 'General B Visa and Related Issues' started by Nellied, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Nellied

    Nellied New Member

    I am 61 and my spouse 65. We both are retired govt professors. We want to go to US for four weeks or so to attend a friends son's wedding. But our only daughter has already gone there to write some exams.
    1.Do we need sponsorship from our friend?
    2. Do we tell about our daughter being there albeit for a short period?
    Please advise.
  2. Bathory

    Bathory New Member

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  3. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    A lot depends on your nationality.
    Visitor visas do not require sponsorship; apply independent of any documents from the US. Ds160 asks to disclose close relatives in the US that you'd answer yes to.
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  4. Nellied

    Nellied New Member

    Thanks. We are Indian. So I don't think we come under visa waiver program. We have no close relatives in the US and I think that's a positive. Would our daughter being there on a short visit a deterrent for us to get a ten year b1/b2 visa?
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  5. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    Indian nationals are not eligible for vwp. Your daughter is a close relative in the US, even if she is visiting while on a B2 visa.
  6. Nellied

    Nellied New Member

    Oh okay. Thanks for your advice :)
  7. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    A1: Visit visas are self-sponsored
    A2: The day you apply, if she is in the US, you mention that


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