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Tn Visa Problem

Discussion in 'TN Status' started by sumitsaini, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. sumitsaini

    sumitsaini Registered Users (C)

    Hi Everyone,
    i have a problem, last week i went to the border to apply for the tn visa.They rejected it and said that the bachelors degree in states or canada is 4 yrs degree but i have a bachelors degree which is 3 yrs , plus i have a 2 yr diploma also.
    I told them if, you add them it will sum for 5 yrs . SO can anyone tell me where i can get my credentials evaluated. i have an job offer from Atlanta, USA.
    Itz very urgent , please help me out

    take care
  2. sumitsaini

    sumitsaini Registered Users (C)

    I'm applying for as a computer system analyst as thru TN Visa. I had my degree from India and also i obtained a diploma of 2 years from India.
    I applied at Buffalo border, so also is it possible to go to the airport to apply the tn visa.

    take care
  3. sumitsaini

    sumitsaini Registered Users (C)

    Tn Visa

  4. sumitsaini

    sumitsaini Registered Users (C)

    tn Visa

  5. curiousGeorge

    curiousGeorge Registered Users (C)

    If you have a 4 year degree, you should be fine. The evaluator can determine that. If you have a 2 year degree, then you also need 3 years of experience.
  6. sumitsaini

    sumitsaini Registered Users (C)

    Hi ,
    I have no idea who were the free trade officer. If ur concerned is to the officer who rejected , i can assure who was he. He was litttle old around 50 age. SO if i get my evaluation done from where u gave me the phone number , will be helpful.
    thankz for your adivce, lEtz see wht happens

    take care
  7. curiousGeorge

    curiousGeorge Registered Users (C)

    bzuccaro brings up a good point. Many denials occur because there was no Free Trade Office present at the time, and because the case in question may not be 100% straight forward. Call the POE ahead of time, and ask them for times when the free trade officer is on duty. Some borders such as Champlain, NY only have a free trade officer during regular business hours. I learned this lesson the hard way, and I was denied the first time I tried to get my TN,
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  8. andan

    andan New Member

    Does anyone have a link to where I can find the POE contact tel #'s. I am planning to apply through the Vancouver Airport.
  9. sumitsaini

    sumitsaini Registered Users (C)

    im little confuse to get my credentials evaluated , there are so many places in USA but which one is best and be helpful to get ,theres one thedegreepeople.com which is quite expensive around $850.

    SO is there any better place to get it equilvent.
    ALso i would like to ask, if any univeristy in toronto gives the credentials equilvancy ,would that be enough to get the visa, Because i have a 3 yr degree from India.

    plz reply back ASAP

  10. curiousGeorge

    curiousGeorge Registered Users (C)

    By the way, if you're going through a Canadian airport, chances are that you're not going through a POE, your going through preclearance (aka pre-flight inspection - PFI) . Not a problem, just terminology. POE's are only on US soil.

    You can start here:

    Vancouver Preclearance
    Vancouver International Airport
    International Terminal - Level 3
    Room C3742.0
    Richmond, British Columbia V7B 1Y7
    Officer in Charge
    Phone: 604-278-7422
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  11. andan

    andan New Member

    Thanks george..on the poe #'s ...just what i was looking for.
  12. sumitsaini

    sumitsaini Registered Users (C)

    nop i have'nt try thiz one. But i will call them on monday wht will see. But as concerned i have only 3 months experience.


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