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Tampa FL - N-400 Timeline

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by joopdog, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. joopdog

    joopdog Registered Users (C)

    Any one with this experience? How long does it take?
  2. Jane Green

    Jane Green Registered Users (C)

    Between four and a half to seven months.

    See my timeline. There are 4 more active members from Tampa DO on this board. Hopefully they will see this thread and join.
  3. yurik

    yurik New Member

    There is my timeline: It always takes up to 7-8 months but if you have some problems it might be extended to 10 months...

    TSC - Tampa DO

    09/08/2008: N-400 application Mailed to TSC
    09/12/2008: Application received by TSC, tracking on the USPS
    09/12/2008: Priority date
    09/15/2008: Check cashed
    09/18/2008: NOA1 Received (notice date 09/16/2008, expect interview notice within 730 days. Application transfered to NBC)
    09/29/2008: NOA2 Received/fingerprint letter (notice date 09/24/2008)
    10/17/2008: FP Scheduled
    11/6/2008: NOA3 Received/interview letter
    1/15/2009: interview date - Approved!
    1/26/2009: Oath Letter
    2/23/2009: Oath Date
  4. malgi

    malgi Registered Users (C)


    I have passed the interview on Dec 3, 2008 in tampa, and since then I did scheduled twice InfoPass appointments and each time they told me: "Pending Supervisor Approval". Last time when I went to the Tampa field location was on Feb 4, January7 2009. I have requested for a name change thru my citizenship process. But I think the "Spervisor Approval" is one step before name change process.

    TSC / Tampa (DO)
    06/03/2008 : N400 Mailed
    06/05/2008 : PD
    06/26/2008 : FP
    12/03/2008: Interview Day (approved)
  5. rick92

    rick92 Volunteer Moderator

    It depends on the IO at interview time.-
  6. kaligurl

    kaligurl Registered Users (C)

    Timeline below:
  7. joopdog

    joopdog Registered Users (C)

    D/O : Tampa, FL

    TSC - Tampa DO (TSC - Texas Service Center)
    01/30/09 : N-400 Certified Mail to Texas Lockbox.
    02/02/09 : N-400 Received.
    02/02/09 : Priority Date.
    02/05/09 : Notice Date.
    02/06/09 : Check Cashed ($675).
    02/10/09 : NOA Received ( I-797C) Notice Of Action
    02/17/09 : FingerPrint Notice Received ( I-797C).
    03/03/09 : FingerPrint Appointment & Done.
    ?? : Interview Letter (IL).
    ?? : Interview Date (ID).
    ?? : Oath Letter (OL).
    ?? : Oath Date (OD).
  8. RareGold

    RareGold Registered Users (C)

    Here is my timeline.
    D/O Tampa

    12/15/08:N-400 Mailed to TSC, forwarded to Lockbox
    12/18/2008 :N-400 Received from NBC
    12/18/2008 :priority Date
    01/07/2009 :Notice Date
    12/30/2008:NOA Received
    01/12/2009 FP Notice Received
    01/20/2009:FP Appointment & Done.
    02/17/2009: IL received
    04/08/2009 : Interview date
  9. so1994

    so1994 Registered Users (C)

    here is my timeline.
  10. so1994

    so1994 Registered Users (C)

    For now the oath has been scheduled at Tampa Convention Center as following;
    Feb 23
    Mar 11
    April 15
    May 14
  11. rjmco

    rjmco Registered Users (C)

    Filing for citizenship

    Hello to all Tampa filers! I'm going to file for citizenship this month but I have some questions with regards to submitting my application. Tampa is also my District Office.

    1. Where did you have your photos taken?

    2. What kind of envelope did you use for filing?

    3. How did you mail your application, is it Registered Mail, Priority Mail, etc.?

    Thank you.
  12. rjmco

    rjmco Registered Users (C)

    Hi yurik, will you please share your experience with us during your interview process. Please walk us through it if you don't mind. Tampa is my District Office and I'm submitting my application first week of March 2009. Thanks.
  13. joopdog

    joopdog Registered Users (C)

    1. Where did you have your photos taken?
    I had my photo taken behind the Immigration office in Tampa
    5524 West Cypress Street
    Tampa, FL 33607.
    - drive to the back

    2. What kind of envelope did you use for filing?
    I used Priority Mail envelope and it was Certified. I was able to track the envelope.

    3. How did you mail your application, is it Registered Mail, Priority Mail, etc.?
    I used Certified, Priority Mail.
  14. rjmco

    rjmco Registered Users (C)

    Thank you very much.
  15. rjmco

    rjmco Registered Users (C)

    Is it okay if we walk-in for fingerprinting ahead of the schedule?
  16. Jane Green

    Jane Green Registered Users (C)

  17. so1994

    so1994 Registered Users (C)

    Jane good luck in your coming interview, Please let us know if your oath will be on 4/15 and the time/date you are going to receive your oath letter.
  18. Jane Green

    Jane Green Registered Users (C)

    Thank you and I will!
  19. rjmco

    rjmco Registered Users (C)

    Here's my timeline:

    D/O Tampa
    03/02/2009 Mailed N-400 to TX Lockbox
    03/04/2009 Delivery Received
    03/10/2009 Check Cashed
    03/10/2009 Notice Date
    03/14/2009 NOA Received
    03/04/2009 Priority Date
    03/20/2009 Fringerprint Notice Date
    04/07/2009 Fingerprint Appointment Done
    04/21/2009 Interview Letter Mailed
    04/25/2009 Interview Letter Received
    06/04/2009 Date of Interview - PASSED!
    06/10/2009 Received Oath Letter
    07/03/2009 DATE OF OATH - DISNEY WORLD

    I was pleasantly surprised, that was fast!
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  20. rjmco

    rjmco Registered Users (C)

    Any updates on this thread?

    Good luck to those having their interviews soon! Please walk us through the process after you've done so. Thanks.

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