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Stuck in Name Check??? Let's track it

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by Hidden_man, May 12, 2005.

  1. Hidden_man

    Hidden_man Registered Users (C)

    If you are stuck in FBI Name Check and waiting for a long time for them to process it( manual process), Let's share the data and track it to see what they are doing. ( An email response from NNCP will show your Name Check request date)

    My Details:
    Name Check request sent to FBI on 21 March 2004, status is still PENDING.

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  2. compass

    compass Registered Users (C)

    pending since oct 2003

    Mine (and spouse) name checks are pending since Oct 2003 (as of e-mail i got Feb 2005). Child's (19 y.o.) was completed in few months...
    Made FOIPA, got 'no response', sent a letter to Hardy in the end of Feb 2005, did not receive any response yet.
    I am not sure if it is still pending. Will find out the status on my interview on June 8th...i hope they will update me :) at least...
  3. slt

    slt Registered Users (C)


    Well, just received a response from senator. I am stuck with the namecheck too. Did FOIPA and wrote a letter to Hooton with request to expedite. Attached denial to expedite processing from my government sponsor, saying name check pending
  4. stinger

    stinger Registered Users (C)


    Is this your first interview?
    when did you find out that your name check was pending?
  5. Hidden_man

    Hidden_man Registered Users (C)

    Could you please post you Name check date ( when It was rcvd by FBI)??
    So that we can start tracking.

  6. slt

    slt Registered Users (C)



    See, this is my problem, i do not know the date when USCIS initiated my namecheck. I did my first FP 07/03 and then i received three indications that may namecheck is still pending:

    1) Not approved after RFE on 12/04
    2) Denial expedite review on 03/05
    3) Response to senator 05/05

    So i would guess my namecheck is pending since late 2003. I am yet to receive a response on my email to NNCP

  7. Hidden_man

    Hidden_man Registered Users (C)

    In my case they have sent the request to FBI within two weeks of the 485 application. Considering the same is true for you indicate that you are stuck there for a long time. anyway keep us posted when you receive the email from FBI.

  8. docaj

    docaj Registered Users (C)

    I guess I am one of you, too. My wife was approved weeks ago but I am still waiting, LUD has not changed since FP. I didn't call USCIS because they would definitely tell me "your security check with FBI is pending", like what they told my several friends in similar situation.
  9. Hidden_man

    Hidden_man Registered Users (C)

    Did you get an email from NNCP about same, If yes please post the Name check initiation date.

    Here is what we have till now for tracking purposes:

    Name.................... Date NC Initiated

    MD_Rockville................Jul 2003
    Compass ....................Oct 2003
    Hidden_Man ................21 March 2004

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  10. stinger

    stinger Registered Users (C)

    Name............................. Date NC Initiated

    MD_Rockville.....................Jul 2003
    Compass .........................Oct 2003
    Hidden_Man .....................21 March 2004
    stinger.............................APR 2005

    Not sure how I can find when USCIS initiated name check.
    Above date is when I enquired FBI (emal/faxes) on my name check status.
  11. RAK67

    RAK67 Registered Users (C)

    I would also like to know: how I can find when USCIS initiated name check.

  12. compass

    compass Registered Users (C)

    yes it is my first interview, :) never heard about more than one interview...

    I wrote e-mail to FBI on Oct 22, 2004, asking about my (and family) name check status, received response (i think on Jan 29,2005) that it is pending since oct 2003,
    so I found it out in end of Jan, 2005...
  13. stinger

    stinger Registered Users (C)


    You should get approved during the interview. Good luck!
    (I was wondering how you came to know about Name Check, basically I found out only during my interview so. If I knew when they initiated name-check, presumably well before the inyterview date, I would have got some months slag to contact FBI and enquire on my name check.)
  14. MD_Rockville

    MD_Rockville Registered Users (C)


    Name check mail to NNCP - Dec 2003
    Response in April - Name Check Pending - USCIS mailed 'em in July 2003
    Called up NNCP #'s - no luck
    Mailed FOIPA - waiting !

    Filled 3rd AP and EAD in April - all approved in 2 weeks
  15. compass

    compass Registered Users (C)

    thanks for your wishes! however, i know for sure i will not be approved on interview (in Baltimore, they do not do it since 2005...), in best case, they will recommend me for approval and i may get it in a week or 2 weeks, if name check is clear.
    i also know they call (in Baltimore) for interview people even if name check is not cleared...then you just wait after interview until it happens, they say up to one more year (i heard even 3 years :( )
    one of my friends had interview around Christmas 2004, and she is still waiting for approval because namecheck is pending...
  16. Hidden_man

    Hidden_man Registered Users (C)

  17. Hidden_man

    Hidden_man Registered Users (C)


    Just an update:
    I have sent a letter to Mr. Hooton with request to expedite the Name Check yesterday. The Congressman and Senator did not agree to help on this one.

  18. sunjoshi

    sunjoshi Registered Users (C)

  19. tangohi

    tangohi Registered Users (C)

    I was interviewed on May 17, 05 for AOS family based. Filed in Feb 2005. How do I find out when was the Name check etc initiated. FP results were back the same day. Sent email to NNCP sometime in April. No response do farI know I have not been waiting for a long time but the way this is going in no time I will become another long term sufferer, so want to be proactive.
    Will send FOIA today.Thanks
  20. Hidden_man

    Hidden_man Registered Users (C)

    You can only find out Name Check Initiation date from FBI email. It is taking them about 5-6 months for them to get back on this.
    FOIA results should be in your hands in about 2 weeks.



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