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Discussion in 'General H-1 and H-3 Visa and Related Issues' started by ANANTHK, Feb 19, 2007.


    ANANTHK New Member

    Hi guys I have a question. My wife is here in US on an F2-visa (student-dependent) I am planning to file H1 for her and I am wondering if she can work as soon as she gets that H1 approved or does she need to go out of country and get H1 stamped to get started on working. I strongly believe that as long she is in US it has got nothing to do with the visa which is mere a travel document. But I have communicated with an employer and he had question about this. His concern was about my wife's Social security number and as she does not have one, he says that she needs to go out of the US and get H1 stamp and only when she gets her H1 she can apply for a Social Security number and then only she can start working. And till then she can not work even in case of H1 approval.

    I though we could apply for Social Security Number with an H1 approval even with a H1 stamping as long as we are in the US when we get the approval.

    Please advice me regarding this issue. I really appreciate your responses.

    My e-mail Id: a_kanaparthy@yahoo.com
  2. omaha

    omaha Registered Users (C)

    I think it's not as easy as you described. How about the labor certification from dept. of labor etc etc. And there is also a quota for H1 visa every year. But once she got H1 approved, I think she can start working. But it takes time to get to that point.
  3. desibabe

    desibabe Registered Users (C)

    yes, she can

    yes, she can spply for change of status (COS) from f2 to h1 if visa for fiscal year is available. After H1 approval she may have to wait till 1st oct to start working, meanwhile she can get social security number using her h1 approval and need not travel to get visa stamped.
  4. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    She can get her SSN once her H1 is approved and the approval notice comes with I 94 at the bottom. No need of go out of US and visa stamping.

  5. chintusri

    chintusri Registered Users (C)

    my frnd is in india and she is applying h1b this year and she is also getting married this may.she will be comming here in may on f2 visa as her husband visa is f1.is her h1b application valid?can she work here once she get her h1?will there be any complications?please help ..urgent.
  6. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    Once she come with her F2, she can not use the approved H1. In order to work with this approved H1, she must go outside US and get her H1 visa stamped in her pp and re enter US to start working.


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